Tuscany, for the over 70s, the bookings for the vaccine are reopened and already sold out

Ready, let’s go. Vaccine bookings in Tuscany were opened in the early afternoon for the age group that concerns the over 70, ie people born between 1941 and 1951. This was announced by the Tuscany Region. But already after an hour and a half there are over 20 thousand who have booked and within three … Read more

Vaccines in Tuscany, AstraZeneca: bookings sold out in one hour

Tuscans are not afraid of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Or at least there is an important part of people who have no problem getting that medicine and as soon as it is available they storm the region’s website. Around 2.30 pm on Wednesday 14 April, reservations were opened for 15 thousand doses, a few but still … Read more

Coronavirus, 1,197 new positives: if the trend resists, Tuscany remains in orange

New cases registered in Tuscany are 1,197 out of 26,059 tests of which 16,369 molecular swabs and 9,690 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 4.59% (11.5% on first diagnoses). This is important news because if Tuscany maintains the same trend tomorrow it could prevent the passage into the red zone that seemed safe … Read more

Vaccini, how the reserve list works in Tuscany. For Arezzo. Siena and Grosseto already active online booking

The list of “reservations” for vaccines is creating a lot of confusion. While waiting for the work on the portal of the Region (the inclusion of this category within it) to be completed, the three Tuscan ASLs have different methods. The Asl Centro does not provide for a separate list, but simply the modality provides … Read more

Second houses forbidden to those coming from outside Tuscany: a new ordinance signed after the one rejected by the TAR

Second houses banned from Monday until April 11 to those coming from outside the region with a regional ordinance signed yesterday. For the Tuscans, however, no formal prohibition, given that the last Dpcm always allows them to reach second homes, subject to local restrictions, but an invitation: “From my point of view, at least if … Read more

Vaccines, reservations for super fragile people are underway. Here are all the categories to which the dose belongs

While the number of cancellations of vaccination with AstraZeneca increases, Tuscany is preparing to start the coverage of extremely vulnerable people (the card below illustrates who returns). From tomorrow they will be able to pre-register on the site librovaccino.sanita.toscana.it. It is not yet clear what number of the most fragile people will be involved in … Read more