Poland, 500 thousand in Warsaw at the protest march against the government

(LaPresse) Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw for the march organized by the opposition in defense of democracy. The march organized by ‘Civic Platform’ leader and former prime minister Donald Tusk, who called on Poles to march “against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and a democratic and European Poland”. The country … Read more

“Lex Tusk”. Machińska: my students are wringing their hands over this bill

President Andrzej Duda decided to sign the act establishing a commission for examining Russian influence, called “lex Tusk”. – It is unimaginable because my students, not from the law department, wring their hands over this law, they say: “It simply violates our rights, the president must know it” – Hanna Machińska, lawyer, activist, commented in … Read more

Facts after Facts – “Lex Tusk” signed by the president. They comment on Prof. Stanislaw Mazur and Jerzy Maria Nowak

The matter is serious if viewed from the internal point of view – said Jerzy Maria Nowak, a diplomat and former Polish ambassador to Spain, the UN and NATO, commenting on the “lex Tusk” act. In an interview with Anita Werner in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24, he emphasized that “from the international point of … Read more

Lex Tusk. Former promoter of Duda: he put his presidency on his shoulders

Recall that Andrzej Duda signed the law on appointment on Monday commission for examining Russian influences, commonly known as lex Tusk, and then refer it to the Constitutional Tribunal in a subsequent procedure. This means that the commission for examining Russian influence will be able to work. According to the draft, the committee would be … Read more

Tusk about the overthrow of Jan Olszewski’s government, blames Kaczyński for it

“No one told me such bad things about Jan Olszewski’s government as often as Jarosław Kaczyński, just then, in 1992, when we dismissed Jan Olszewski’s government,” said PO chairman Donald Tusk on Monday during a meeting with the inhabitants of Tarnobrzeg. Let’s check and recall what who was saying on June 4, 1992, when the … Read more

Ipsos poll. Trzaskowski a better leader of One List than Tusk?

Copyright: Photo. Robert Robaszewski / Agencja Wyborcza.plFot. Robert Robaszew… Copyright: Photo. Robert Robaszewski / Agencja Wyborcza.plFot. Robert Robaszew… Log in to save for later 29 mark 2023 75 percent of opposition voters would like Rafał Trzaskowski to become prime minister after winning the election, according to an Ipsos poll for OKO.press and TOK FM. This … Read more

Tusk wants to attract MEPs to the Sejm electoral lists?

As reported by Onet.pl on Monday, it is about Bartosz Arłukowicz and Radosław Sikorski, who could open the parliamentary electoral lists of the Civic Coalition. “However, the situation is complicated by sluggish negotiations on the common opposition list,” the portal reported. “Election pendolino” – Arłukowicz is an electoral pendolino. He has everything: recognition, he can … Read more

Tusk with an appeal to Morawiecki. “You can say it’s a circus, but it’s not funny”

– Mr. Morawiecki, the prime minister’s job is to issue orders to ministers, not to negotiate with them for a long time – Donald Tusk addressed the prime minister “You can’t convince anyone that someone else is to blame, that the money isn’t there. End this dispute. The entire opposition will not interfere and will … Read more

Tusk landed on Mars – Niezalezna

And all this to make it ecological, and in winter the temperature does not rise by half a degree. I think that when the miners, who hoped that the absurdities of the EU dictated by Tusk’s colleague Angela Merkel, will be postponed for some time, they will find out what Tusk really proposes, they will … Read more