Gareth Bale could stay in Madrid. There is an interesting transfer in the game

Star Gareth Bale would not have to move far during the next football transfer. According to the latest reports, the transfer to the Spanish club Getafe, which is also based in Madrid, is at stake. The 32-year-old Welshman spent nine years in Real Madrid, so it’s no wonder he settled in the Spanish capital. This … Read more

Will David Pastrňák leave Boston? This is seriously being discussed overseas

The Czech hockey star has had a valid contract in the NHL for the last year, and after the controversial decisions of Boston General Manager Don Sweeney, there is speculation that he will be replaced by another team. David Pastrňák, a native of Havířov, has a contract ahead of him and it does not look … Read more

Another Czech player in the Bundesliga? There is interest in Alex King in Germany

The Czech midfielder did not experience a completely successful year this season, in English West Ham he sat mainly on the switch. It is quite clear that the King will not stay in London. Leipzig, Germany, is now applying for his services, looking for a player in a position that is close to the Czech … Read more

Dan won’t hold on! Why does he pounce on Fógl? | Street | Shows AZ New Plus

Sample from Tuesday’s Street. Sarah got into a lot of trouble by dealing with Ric and Fogl. While Richi’s fate is in the hands of the police, Fógl has decided it is time to change locations. And because of him on Sarah more… Sample from Tuesday’s Street. Sarah got into a lot of trouble by … Read more

I didn’t expect such a success, I had nothing to play in anymore, laughs Havlíčková

Czech women’s tennis has another huge talent. Seventeen-year-old Lucie Havlíčková dominated both the junior singles and doubles with Sára Bejlek at the recently concluded French Open. How does she perceive success and what non-traditional problems did she have to solve in Paris? “I have already absorbed the success in some way, but of course the … Read more

Street series: Evžen still loves Blanka, Mirek fights for Magda

A man blinded by revenge is capable of anything. Radek Mastny a few weeks ago udal Jirku Hermanawho came to his deception. And what did you think of him? It was alleged blackmail. But Jirka won’t like it and now she will go to Mastný. How will their quarrel turn out? And what it will … Read more

Hungarian football has another scandal around its neck. Young children took care of him

Hungarian football has another big problem. In Saturday’s League of Nations match against England, home fans roared at Albion players. In addition, there were mostly children in the auditorium. England’s footballers knelt before the match to show their opposition to racism. But at that moment, Puskás Arena in Budapest loud roaring and whistling of domestic … Read more

Rapper Rytmus has the first boxing win of his career, Attila Végh also won

Updated 22:42, 3. 6. 2022 3. 6. 2022, 22:21 The second gala evening of the boxing organization Fight Night Challenge took place in Bratislava, Slovakia today, where, in addition to boxers and wrestlers, personalities from the music scene also presented themselves. The spectators could see Vlasta Čep, Alex Cverna, Samuel Krištofič or Attila Végh in … Read more

Fans complain about expensive tickets against Switzerland. It’s nonsense, Vízek thinks

The Czech national football team in the elite group of the League of Nations tuned in with a 2: 1 victory over Switzerland. The fans were also pleased with the rather sympathetic performance against a quality opponent. What pleased them less was the price of tickets, which ranged from 890 crowns for the match in … Read more

Purge in PSG? Mbappé is said to be taking office. He wants to fire coach and Neymar

After a number of transfer speculations, football striker Kylian Mbappé decided to stay at the PSG in Paris and extended his contract with the club for another three years. According to behind-the-scenes information, he is also given greater authority in the team. And he allegedly took immediate action. Mundo Deportivo reported that the French forward … Read more