The Ukrainian attack on the Russian army: killed 480 occupiers in 24 hours

“Ukrinform” writes that the Ukrainian army killed 480 Russian occupiers in the last 24 hours. In addition, during the last 24 hours, Ukrainian defenders also managed to destroy 3 tanks of the Russian army (3,799 in total – post-ed.), 7 armored fighting vehicles (7,442), 22 artillery systems (3,406), 2 multiple launch missile systems (572), 31 … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez, who appeared in public, showed elegance: she disclosed the price of the dress

Held on the French Riviera, the Cannes Film Festival attracts many famous actors, singers and other famous people. Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of football player Cristiano Ronaldo, was also spotted here during the prestigious event. 29-year-old Georgina was spotted leaving the Martinez Hotel in France during the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, May … Read more

A 4-day work week in Lithuania: weekends would be longer, but pensions would be smaller?

Many people talk about the advantages of a 4-day work week, thanks to which employees become happier, more rested, less stressed and more efficient. However, actually implementing a shorter work week is more complicated than it might seem. Now, the working week usually consists of 40 hours, and shorter working hours are only used in … Read more

Bad news for propagandists: after the pitiful lies of the Russians, Zaluzhn turned to the Ukrainians

As the Russian propaganda trumpets about the allegedly seriously wounded commander of the Ukrainian army Valery Zaluzhnahe addressed Ukrainians on Thursday, writes UNIAN. The video, in which a completely healthy V. Zaluzhn was filmed, was published by Anatoliy Stefan, an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Bad news for Russian propaganda!” “Valery Fyodorovich feels … Read more

News for small businesses and farmers: 3 reasons why it is worth using support for solar power plants

Small businesses will soon receive a call for applications to install solar power plants. Companies considering the production of their own electricity should prepare now and carefully choose a contractor so that the installation works go smoothly and on time. Very small and small companies and farmers who have been registered for at least a … Read more

Sanctioned Lifosa earned 4 times less net profit last year – 30 million. euros

The sanctioned KÄ—dainiai phosphorus fertilizer factory will be supervised by the temporary administrator from spring 2022 Lifosa earned 30.3 million last year. EUR net profit – four times less than in 2021 (EUR 120.7 million). Due to restrictions and factory shutdowns, production and sales fell sharply last year, and the company expects to operate at … Read more

Zelensky’s environment: the counterattack has already begun

Mychaila Podoliaks, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, announces that the Ukrainian counter attack started a few days ago. “The counter-attack has been going on for several days, there is an intense war along the 1,500-kilometer border, but the actions have already begun,” he told Italian television Rai. The … Read more

A cold shower for Russia: the Chinese were afraid to apply themselves to businessmen who were hit by sanctions

In Russia, the highly publicized and widely publicized visit of the country’s prime minister and business elite to China took an unexpected turn. A huge delegation tasked with “expanding economic ties” and “securing Beijing’s help on Western sanctions” turned into a “cold shower” for Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and his entourage, according to The Moscow … Read more

They have impressive salaries: 36,000 people are paid in Lithuania. euros per month

In the first quarter of this year, the country’s economy is shrinking – many industrial companies report declining sales and layoffs. However, some Lithuanian companies do not seem to feel any signs of recession – they continue to pay five-figure sums to their employees. In April, as many as 57 companies paid salaries to their … Read more

Russians seized Zelenska’s luxury apartment in Crimea – announced that they had “nationalized” it

The head of Crimea’s occupation administration, Sergei Aksionov, has said that the apartment in Yalta, Crimea, owned by Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska, will be “nationalized”. He announced this on his Telegram channel. According to him, the confiscation of property will also be applied to other real estate, especially the building in Simferopol belonging to … Read more