5 Newest Dinosaur Findings Throughout 2021, Some Can Run Sprint

Jakarta – There are many new findings of researchers about the world dinosaur in 2021. At the end of the year, researchers from various universities have investigated how many Tyrannosaurus rex ever lived to a large new species with teeth as sharp as shark teeth. The following are the findings of researchers about dinosaurs throughout … Read more

Charcoal tyrannosaurus sculpture highlights climate change risks in Bosnia / Article

The aim of the installation is to raise awareness of the risks of climate change. The statue was created by three Bosnian artists, is seven meters long and weighs 800 kilograms. According to the sculptors, Sarajevo, as one of the most polluted capitals in the world, is the right place to promote a campaign that … Read more

The 2021-22 Tyrannosaurus Warm-up Match Observation Report (Part 2): Changes come true and continue to happen. -NBA-Basketball

-Know Before Reading- Previous article:2021-22 Tyrannosaurus Warm-up Match Observation Report (Part 1): Young is good! The following author will continue the part of the previous article and continue to discuss the Tyrannosaurus players who were hot and caught the fans’ eyes during the warm-up match. It is recommended that readers who have not read the … Read more

What kind of offensive system will the Tyrannosaurus led by Fred VanVleet present? -NBA-Basketball

Although the Toronto Tyrannosaurus parted ways with Kyle Lowry, the stadium and lounge leader for many years, at least the Tyrannosaurus has cultivated a new main guard successor. 27 years oldFred VanVleetIt is the main defender cultivated by the Tyrannosaurus. VanVleet is also very competitive. From losing, developing the league, and substituting the ball, he … Read more

Scientists discovered that Tyrannosaurus Rex wagged its tail while running

The orbital speed of the 2021 PH27 also reaches 106 km per second in its perihelion phase. JAKARTA – Recently, researchers have discovered the asteroid with the fastest orbital period in the solar system. That asteroid is 2021 PH27. Citing the Science Education page of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), PH27 2021 … Read more

New Find: Tyrannosaurus rex Wagged Its Tail While Running

Shutterstock Recent studies by scientists have revealed that T. rex wags its tail while running and walking. Nationalgeographic.co.id—The idea of ​​this 7-ton, 40-foot-long carnivorous reptile running along with its tail wagging with enthusiasm like a dog might seem ridiculous. However, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances on September 22, 2021 … Read more

Described dinosaur with shark teeth, ruler of land before the onset of Tyrannosaurus rex

Described dinosaur with shark teeth, ruler of land before the onset of Tyrannosaurus rex Scientists have studied the fossil of a dinosaur that was terrified by land 90 million years ago. From the dinosaur era, we remember as the top predator of the Tyrannosaurus rex (the tyrannical royal lizard). However, T. rex did not occur … Read more

Tyrannosaurus Rex Turns Out To Have A Soft Side, Research Reveals This Fact : Okezone Travel

A research shows unique facts about Tyrannosaurus rex aka T-rex. Yes, T-rex has been known to have a reputation as a voracious reptile animal. Not only emotional, these ancient animals often eat any meat that is seen in front of them. But in fact, according to recent research, T-rex actually has a soft character and … Read more

They discover that the tyrannosaurus rex was a more fearsome predator than previously believed

The investigation showed that the nerves of the jaw of tyrannosaurs were more complexly distributed than any other dinosaur studied to date. Moreover, they are comparable to those of crocodiles and birds that search for food by touch, animals that have extremely acute senses, informs EurekAlert. What this means is that the king Tiranosaurio it … Read more

New dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered

Paleontologists at the University of Southampton have identified the new species after studying four bones recently discovered on the Isle of Wight. The bones belong to a new species of theropod dinosaur, the group that includes the Tyrannosaurus rex. Experts say the creature lived in the Cretaceous period 115 million years ago and is estimated … Read more