Complete list of 72 players called by Shin Tae-yong for the Indonesian national team to play in the U20 World Cup

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, JAKARTA – Here is the complete list of 72 players called up Shin Tae-yong to take part in the training center (TC) of the U-18 Indonesian National Team. A total of 72 players were called up Shin Tae-yong to follow the TC Indonesia U-18 national team. The summoning is divided into two stages. From … Read more

The Latvian U-20 women’s basketball team plays an 18-point deficit and wins the second victory

The Latvian national team defeated Croatia with 69:64 (9:21, 15:21, 22:13, 23: 9). Vanessa Jasa was the most productive player of the Latvian national team with 17 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists, but Ketija Vihmane and Līna Loceniece added 15 points each. In the Croatian national team, Ana Haklickai scored 19 points and nine … Read more

Players from Europe Become Part of Malaysia U-20 National Team Plan for 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification

BOLASPORT.COM – Players from Europe become part of the Malaysia coach for Qualification Asian Cup U-23 2022. Trainer Malaysia U-20 National Team, Brad Maloney will hold discussions with relevant parties to secure the release of players for Qualification Asian Cup U-23 2022. He has 50 players on his roster to choose from for qualification. Malaysia … Read more

144 Players Take Part in the Indonesian U-18 National Team for the 2023 U-20 World Cup

Yunus Nusi said he had received a road map from Shin Tae-yong regarding activities Indonesian National Team U-18. Currently, it is preparing the needs for this activity. “After receiving an updated road map from coach Shin Tae-yong, he wants the U-18 Indonesia national team training camp to start at the end of this month,” said … Read more

Fakhri Husaini Disappointed PSSI Naturalization Project for the U-20 World Cup

Jakarta – Ex Coach U-19 Indonesian national team Fakhri Husaini quip PSSI related to the massive naturalization plan for the 2021 U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. Persija Jakarta and Arema FC each recruited two young players from Brazil who were not yet 20 years old. Madura United also indicated that they would follow soon. The … Read more

3 Descent Players who Can Strengthen the National Team in the 2021 U-20 World Cup

Jakarta – PSSI is known to be planning to summon players of descent to strengthen Indonesian U-20 national team of U-20 World Cup 2021. As for the names that have sprung up. The plan was known from the preparatory presentation of the Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan, when explaining the preparation of the Indonesian National … Read more