Who are the sanctions against Russia harmful to?

Washington is rightly considered a champion of support for Ukraine. Our supporters of the sanctions should, however, be given food for thought that the administration of President Joe Biden is seriously considering allowing the import of Russian oil, albeit with certain restrictions. It should be remembered that the prices on the American pylons are breaking … Read more

The EU has announced an additional EUR 0.5 billion in aid for Ukraine

Following the decision taken, the European Council issued a declaration stating that EU aid is to support the Ukrainian army and strengthen the protection of civilians. EU aid for Ukraine These “European Peace Facility (EPF) aid measures [mają] to increase EU support for the capabilities and resilience of the Ukrainian armed forces to defend the … Read more

The EU is giving way to Russia. Anton Alikhanov announces “great victory”

Alikhanov wrote in social media that he was very pleased that Moscow forced the European Union to change its decision to limit the transit of goods through the territory of the member states to Kaliningrad. Moreover, the governor of the oblast has announced that Moscow will not stop there. “We have won a great victory, … Read more

five countries … what no one dares to admit – Libero Quotidiano

<!– –> Mario Dergani July 13, 2022 Even the figures do not agree with the European political forces. Matteo Salvini remains skeptical about the effectiveness of the restrictive measures against Moscow. After consulting a study by Rony Hamaui on Lavoce.info, the Northern League secretary observes: «I was reading the data on sanctions against Russia. It … Read more

the indiscretion of the US diplomat – Libero Quotidiano

Wlodzimierz Redzioch July 13, 2022 Georgette Mosbacher, United States ambassador to Poland in 2018-2021, was often critical of Poland, but today she has no doubts: the critical attitude of the world and particularly of the European Union towards Warsaw is the result of a gigantic campaign of disinformation. In an interview with the Polish weekly … Read more

Palm Oil News – KPBN CPO Price Tender July 11, 2022, Set to Increase to Rp 7,470/Kg

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Tender price of crude palm oil (CPO) at PT. On Monday (11/7/2022) there was an increase in the price of CPO to Rp 7,470/kg. When compared to the CPO price tander last Friday (8/7/2022) which only reached Rp 7,288/kg, it means that there was an increase of around Rp 182/kg. Meanwhile, from … Read more

Ukrainian politicians furious with the EU. “It’s a gift for Putin”

On Thursday, MEPs voted to include nuclear energy and gas in the EC’s complementary delegated act, i.e. the taxonomy. This means that the European Parliament has not opposed investments in gas and nuclear power. As reported by the Daily Express, the decision of the European Parliament has infuriated Ukraine, which fears that the development of … Read more

Palm Oil News – Here are some directives from Coordinating Minister Luhut, to Increase Palm Oil FFB Prices

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the Coordinator Meeting (Rakor), the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marvest), concluded several steps that the government will take in an effort to normalize the price of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB). In the coordination meeting, it was agreed that several steps would be taken by the government, … Read more

Palm Oil News – DPR Pushes Export Duties and Export Levies to be Temporarily Stopped, To Raise Palm Oil FFB Prices

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The declining price of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) has hit the economy of people in Indonesia whose livelihoods depend on palm oil commodities. Therefore, a number of independent oil palm farmers who are members of the Oil Palm Farmers Union from several regions in Indonesia, namely Sumatra and Kalimantan, had … Read more

Palm Oil News – 130 Palm Oil Companies Registered at SIMIRAH 2

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As of July 1, 2022, 130 companies have registered to the Bulk Cooking Oil Information System (SIMIRAH) 2.0. From the official statement received by the Ministry of Industry, InfoSAWITSunday (3/7/2022), it was stated that of the total there were 51 crude palm oil (MSM/CPO) producers and 79 palm cooking oil (MGS) producers. … Read more