Zakharova openly threatens the Baltic countries: Ukraine’s history may repeat itself

Sharing the Kremlin’s threats to the Baltic countries on the “Telegram” channel due to the alleged oppression of Russian speakers. “Essentially, neo-fascist states are forming on Russia’s near borders, cultivating the ideology of xenophobia and hatred for everything Russian,” M. Zakharova assured. She said that there is an active fight against the ideology of Putinism … Read more

Adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister: Russians could launch counterattack to try to seize entire territory of Kherson region before pseudo-referendum

As Rostislav Smirnov, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said during a nationwide news telethon, the invaders have no intention of holding a “referendum” in the Kherson region in an online format. “That’s what they call it, ‘online’. They will just show the number of ‘votes’ and that’s it. So they have … Read more

The United States does not need Ukraine’s victory today

Oleg Zhdanov explained why the White House is delaying arms supplies to Ukraine. The expert called the US strategy in the war in Ukraine / photo USA the defeat of the Russian Federation is not profitable today. This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov at his YouTube channel. In his opinion, the … Read more

The US is directly involved in Ukraine’s warfare

According to the Kremlin, the US has participated in attacks on Russian-controlled areas in the Donbass and in other Russian-controlled regions. US intelligence has led to the “mass killing of civilians”, according to a message from the Russian Defense Ministry. American veto The reaction came after an interview with the Ukrainian intelligence chief Vadym Skibitsky. … Read more

Ukraine, Palle Ydstebø | The expert sees a turning point in the Ukraine war: – About to change in Ukraine’s favour

The war in Ukraine is approaching half a year, and reports are coming from both sides about attrition and significant losses of personnel and material. In recent months, the toughest fighting has taken place in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, and several reports concluded that Russia was advancing initially. In recent weeks, however, some … Read more

Russia declares Ukraine’s special task force Azov a “terrorist” organization

The former volunteer battalion was officially incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014 when it helped fight Kremlin-backed militias in eastern Ukraine. “Azov” soldiers fought together with Ukrainian troops to repel the Russian offensive that started in February. In May, Ukrainian soldiers, including Azov soldiers, were forced to surrender after weeks of fighting and … Read more

Perebyjnis became Ukraine’s deputy head of diplomacy

A vocal critic of the German government, Melnyk downplayed the crimes of Stepan Bandera, the World War II leader of Ukrainian nationalists, in an interview with a German journalist. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv then distanced itself from his statements. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi recalled ambassadors from several countries, including Perebyjnis and Melnyk, … Read more

London: Ukraine’s counterattack has separated Kherson from the rest of the occupied territories

Ukraine has made it clear that it is committed to recapturing Kherson, which was captured by Russia in the first days of the war. Ukrainian forces may have set up a bridgehead south of the Inhulets River and also used long-range artillery to damage at least three Dnieper bridges, the British Ministry of Defense said. … Read more