Agreement on collective labor agreement; new UMCG strike off the track (update)

12 november, 06:10 • 2 minutes reading time Employees went on strike in front of the main entrance of the UMCG at the end of last month © Eva Hulscher/ RTV Noord On Thursday night, healthcare unions and employers’ organization NFU agreed on a new collective labor agreement for employees in university hospitals (umcs), including … Read more

‘If we don’t protest, we won’t be able to provide the right care in the future’

The strike is a better collective bargaining agreement: higher wages and more measures to reduce work pressure. But the negotiations between the employers’ organization Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) and the trade unions have been stuck since September. The unions want a structural salary increase of three percent per year for all hospital … Read more

Advice to provide cervical cancer self-sampling kit: ‘You would prefer all women to participate’

Yesterday, 08:56 • 2 minutes reading time A self-test for the cervical cancer population screening © Kim van Dam/ANP Women who receive an invitation to participate in the cervical cancer population screening must also immediately be sent a self-sampling kit. This is stated in an advisory report from the Health Council. And that’s a good … Read more

Vaccination against coronavirus works well during solid tumor treatment

“It is very important for cancer patients and their practitioners worldwide to know that they can be vaccinated against corona during their treatment and that this vaccination is safe,” says Liesbeth de Vries, professor of Medical Oncology at the UMCG and research leader of the VOICE- study (Vaccination against covid In Cancer). A total of … Read more

UMCG researchers find hundreds of ‘key genes’

An international group of more than 100 researchers, led by Prof. Dr. Lude Franke of the UMCG, has found hundreds of ‘key genes’ in human DNA. This gives science new insights into the origin of diseases and the results also offer new starting points for drug development. The genetic code of more than 31,000 people … Read more

UMCG researchers develop new treatment for vulvar cancer

Vulvar cancer or labia cancer can be treated better with radiation than with surgical removal of all lymph nodes. This is apparent from a study by an international consortium led by the UMCG. Normally, in patients with vulvar or labia cancer, the tumor is removed, after which the so-called sentinel lymph node procedure is performed: … Read more

New treatment for patients with labia cancer at hand. Radiation can be a good alternative, according to international study led by UMCG in Groningen

In patients with vulvar or labia cancer, the tumor is removed as standard. The so-called sentinel node procedure is performed for tumors smaller than 4 centimeters: an operation in which not all lymph nodes, but only the first lymph node stations are removed from the groin or groin. When the sentinel node contains a metastasis, … Read more

Two UMCG scientists in Groningen will receive more than half a million euros for research into cardiovascular disease

The researchers Wouter Meijers and Martijn Hoes of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) will receive a grant from the Heart Foundation of more than 245 thousand and 270 thousand euros respectively for research into cardiovascular diseases. These are so-called Dekker grants, personal research grants for talented scientists that are awarded annually. This year ten … Read more

UMCG: Hopeful first results of new corona vaccine

Friday, 9. July 2021 – 14:34 Update: 09-07-2021 15:19 Volunteers “For the second phase of the research, the UMCG is now looking for 116 healthy volunteers who have not yet had another corona vaccine,” the UMCG said. 100% seroconversion The first results of the Akston Biosciences vaccine research show a positive picture: the seroconversion is … Read more

UMCG has a scoop in the Benelux with new revolutionary treatment of atrial fibrillation

Photo: Public Domain/CC0 The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is the first treatment center in the Benelux to apply a new, revolutionary technique for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder. With the help of an electric field small scars are made in the heart tissue where the arrhythmia arises so that … Read more