Discounts and sales are expected, warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods

Sales miscalculations, the effects of the pandemic and the rapid increase in the number of returned clothing and other goods have led to a situation where many warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods. In the conditions of rising prices, many merchants do not know what to do with these goods, but trade … Read more

At 22-year-old files “1.1 trillion of unclaimed receivables”

“The stock of unclaimed receivables has currently broken through the 1.100 billion euro ceiling”. The director of the Revenue Agency. Enrico Maria Ruffini, yesterday in a hearing at the commission on fiscal federalism, raised an alarm on the substantial inadequacy of the collection system. “We are the only country in the Western world – he … Read more

The mystery surrounding the three unclaimed bodies in the region’s SML

Various cases of bodies found in the public thoroughfare have shaken the Coquimbo Region in recent months, some of these linked to events that the investigations have not yet been able to fully elucidate. In this context, let us remember that on July 24, the body of a woman covered with branches and with traces … Read more