The underside of the resignation of Opaline Meunier, excluded from the presidency of the Young CDH for having denounced a theft

Opaline Meunier left the presidency of the Young CDH after a long internal conflict. The departure of Opaline Meunier from the presidency of the Young CDH is it the result of a resignation or a dismissal? A bit of both. To understand it, we have to go back through the chronology. On December 31, the … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday, the call of the foot to David Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan reveals the underside of the friction

Laeticia Hallyday had launched an appeal to David Hallyday during his visit to Daily, on TMC, a call to which he did not respond. Sylvie Vartan returns to this case. After a passage in the show of Laurent Delahousse on France 2, the 77-year-old singer indulges in a few confidences during an interview with Télé … Read more