Elections Rome, for Michetti the outcome is “laconic”: but no one understands what it means. And on social media there are those who ironically: “5 years of meme with him mayor”

“The outcome is laconic, I do a good luck to Roberto Gualtieri“. These are the first words of Enrico Michetti, candidate for mayor of Roma for the center-right, after the results of the ballot. A phrase that made social networks unleashed, given the difficult understanding. Laconic, in fact, is an adjective used to refer to … Read more

Romania Live: Klaus Iohannis: “I encourage Florin to continue.” Who understands Klaus Iohannis’ “reactions”?

President Iohannis announced his participation in the PNL congress on Saturday. He was also quoted with a few statements from an unofficial meeting showing his support for Florin Cîțu, but also the fact that he no longer wants Ludovic Orban at the head of PNL. “I encourage Florin to continue, not to be afraid and … Read more

ETRI develops AI technology that understands documents like humans

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI, President Kim Myung-jun) announced on the 7th that it has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can understand documents and find desired information like a human. It overcomes the limitations of high-level office documents that were impossible to apply AI. It is expected to contribute to increasing … Read more

Rajae Maouane understands Sarah Schlitz’s participation in a single-sex gathering: “A way to achieve more equality between men and women”

Sensitive subject of this political re-entry: the pension reform carried by Minister Karine Lalieux. The text, on the government table, made the Belgian parties react strongly, both in the coalition and in the opposition. On the Ecolo side, “we support him, with some encouragement to do better,” said Rajae Maoune at the microphone of Maxime … Read more

Dani Pedrosa finally understands why Valentino Rossi is slow

100kpj – When experiencing racing again in Austria after deciding to retire, Dani Pedrosa aware that the arena MotoGP growing. Both from motor technology, to competition within the circuit. That’s why Dani Pedrosa admits that the level Valentino Rossi as a racer is still high, because even though he is younger than Valentino Rossi, Pedrosa … Read more

Juventus News, Allegri reveals the reason for the failure to win from Udinese, understands Szczesny’s blunders

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Trainer Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri say draw against Udinese must be a lesson for Juventus. Playing in the cage Udinese, Juventus was held to a 2-2 draw at the Friuli Stadium, on Monday (23/8/2021) early morning WIB. The Old Lady threw away a two-goal lead at the Dacia Arena, picking up a point in … Read more

The Olympic Committee understands the concerns of the Japanese and appeals to them for support

The International Olympic Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that it understands the concerns and skepticism of the Japanese people about hosting the Summer Olympics during the outbreak of the epidemic, and said it hopes that this situation will change later. But Japanese public opinion remains tepid about the Games amid a surge in coronavirus cases and … Read more

Romina and Albano, in Cellino she understands that it’s really over and cries during an evening with friends in front of everyone, there is also a video – Baritalia News

Romina Power and Albano they have been separated for many years but the dream of seeing them still together as they once were, happy and united still gives their fans hope. Despite Albano on this point he was very clear and explained that now his life is elsewhere, with Loredana Lecciso next door, a bit … Read more

Foppe de Haan understands English choice for Wiegman very well | Football

As assistant national coach Foppe de Haan experienced Sarina Wiegman from close by at Orange in 2017. Ⓒ BSR AGENCY AMSTERDAM – The fairytale marriage between Sarina Wiegman and the Oranje Leeuwinnen comes to an end next year. After the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the national coach will start as the successor to Phil Neville … Read more

“Nobody understands what he needs.” Hassan Al-Raddad mocks Etisalat’s new announcement

Artist Hassan Al-Raddad wanted to express his opinion on the advertisement of “Etisalat” for mobile services, which was recently launched.Al-Raddad was keen to share his opinion with the public on the social networking site Twitter. Where the artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, posted on his personal account on the “Twitter” application and wrote a tweet in which … Read more