Archaeologists have unexpectedly found a large Roman temple complex in the Netherlands

In the village of Herwen-Hemeling, which belongs to the town of Zevenaar, amateur archaeologists first discovered the first objects at the end of last year and alerted the authorities. On further investigation, experts discovered a place near a hill at the confluence of the Rhine with a smaller river. According to the Dutch archeological society … Read more

Unexpectedly, there is also garbage on Mars, astronauts try to clean it up

INDOZONE.ID – If trash is scattered in every corner in front Earththe taste is not surprising because it is human nature to leave garbage when they die. However, it turns out that something unexpected appears from the planet Mars. Where the planet that is only visited by the astronauts turns out to also have rubbish. … Read more

Formulated the death sentence of the Soviet Union: Died “unexpectedly”

On December 25, 1991, the Soviet flag was lowered for the last time from the flagpole in the Kremlin. Mikhail Gorbachev had no other choice when he stepped down as president of the state he had fought to keep together. 17 days earlier, the heads of state of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus had triggered a … Read more

Football rumors: Pogba offended Man United’s bid, Barcelona fails to buy Lewandowski in second attempt, Suarez unexpectedly moves to Argentina

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn. Spain’s Sport announces that Bayern has also rejected Barcelona’s second bid for Robert Lewandowski. This time, Catalans offered 32 million. EUR 5 million redemption and another … Read more

The joy of the winners of the Šiškauskas tournament was unexpectedly interrupted by the trophies

In the final of the tournament, the Lithuanian men’s under-15 team 79:25 (20: 7, 18: 2, 22: 9, 19: 7) smashed the Lithuanian fourteen-year-old team and deservedly enjoyed the trophy. True, the basketball players who took back the winners’ cup wanted to have fun with it, but the smiles disappeared when the trophy held in … Read more

Crvena Zvezda stumbled unexpectedly in the semi-finals of the Serbian championship

The Crvena Zvezda team in Belgrade started the series of the Serbian League semi-final with a defeat. Pupils of Dejanas Radonjičius, who recently became the champions of the Adriatic League 70:77 (22:12, 16:14, 15:28, 17:23) landed for the Mega Bemax team from the same city. Crvena Zvezda won the first match of the series with … Read more

They asked megastar Amitabh Bachchan his real opinion on Adel Imam and Omar Sharif! Individual unexpectedly and shocked everyone what he said!

2022/06/11 It’s 10:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite An Egyptian newspaper revealed the details of the visit of a Bollywood hero and star to Egypt and the statements he made on that visit, especially about the Egyptian star Adel Imam. He visited Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, who has a long career in art and … Read more

All Comair flights unexpectedly suspended

South Africa’s Comair, which operates British Airways in South Africa and low-cost airline Kulula, has suspended all flights of both airlines from 1 June 2022 until further notice. The reason given is an acute liquidity shortage. In a statement, the company states that its trustees are busy finding financing to resume business. This move by … Read more

Unexpectedly the Winners of the Most Indonesian Masters Titles Turns out to be Herry IP’s two favorite players

HALOYOUTH – Badminton lovers Indonesia and the world will again witness the actions of the world’s top players live on Indonesia Masters 2022. Indonesia Masters is an international badminton tournament in the BWF World Tour Super 500 (Super 750 in 2021). Previously known as the Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold, the tournament was first held … Read more

Tiny Legs Tim (44) passed away unexpectedly, the Flemish blues loses a young icon

In recent years, Tiny Legs Tim has evolved from an itinerant One Man Band to an established value. With six studio albums, one live record and several EPs, and thanks to a rock-solid live reputation, he also appealed to non-blues fans. He was played on Radio 1, was on many large and small stages and … Read more