Unheard Benefits of Lemon – What are the Health Benefits and Harms of Lemon?

Unheard of benefits of lemon Lemon, which is the main ingredient of many recipes, makes a large space for itself on our tables. Everyone knows that lemon, which is very rich in vitamin C, has immune-boosting properties. Alright, Unheard of Benefits of Lemon Did you know that it protects against anemia and asthma? Request, What … Read more

“Unheard of”: Sharon Stone’s behavior in Cannes is controversial

Glamorous on the red carpet, Sharon Stone unveiled a completely different face during an event on the sidelines of the famous festival. On May 22, the star of Basic Instinct was invited by the Better World Fund to the JW Marriott hotel in Cannes for an auction for the benefit of Ukraine. The problem? The … Read more

Unheard of in a region

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 07:00 – Several regions are currently under surveillance. Streams have already burst their banks in many places, and this could worsen over the next few days. Lac Saint-Jean has reached a threshold never seen in May until now. A fairly strong low pressure system has Quebec in its sights. Rain … Read more

Bioplastic, plant managers confirm: it is not compostable. “We are forced to remove it and send it to the incinerator. Our reports? Unheard”

“When we said that the compostable plastic it was not recyclable, they threatened us saying they would do it cause if we kept telling this truth“. Some of the entrepreneurs heard by the Investigation Unit of Greenpeace Italiafrom September to December 2021, they prefer to stay anonymousbut all the plants contacted, composting, anaerobic digestion and … Read more

Unheard Stories: Kemzūra and Kleiza have revealed the bronze secrets of 2010

“I was most stuck with one thing – the singing team. I don’t know if that was before. Of course, the songs are not “Song of Songs”, singers, but a kind of relaxation. Even when we went to the awards ceremony, we sang “On the Mount of the Mountain”, K. Kemzūra opened. Meanwhile, L. Kleiza … Read more

Jokowi’s Speech Denied by Director General of Plantations, Head of ProDEM: Like a Paralyzed Duck, Unheard and Followed

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Chairman of Pro-Democracy (ProDEM) Iwan Sumule said that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) seemed no longer considered the leader of the country. “President @jokowi seems to be no longer considered the leader of the country. Alamak!,” he wrote on his social media account, Tuesday (26/4/2022). The reason, he said, was the CPO export … Read more

Kinder products withdrawn from sale: “It’s unheard of!”

Salmonella in Kinder products: reimbursement even without a receipt encouraged by the Secretary of State The Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, Eva De Bleeker, encourages large retailers to reimburse customers who have purchased Kinder products, recalled due to the potential presence of Salmonella, even if they no longer have their receipt, his spokesperson confirmed … Read more

Katsi Vaptsarov shared something unheard of so far about Slavi Trifonov

© The legendary TV presenter Katsi Vaptsarov admitted a curious memory of Slavi Trifonov and the time when the two were neighbors. Later, Long pulled sharply forward and changed homes and neighborhoods, while Katsi still lives in his first home. Another neighbor of the host of “Risk wins, risk loses” turned out to be Vasco … Read more

Very sharp rise in prices in the coming weeks in supermarkets, unheard of for 14 years.

The magazine 60 Million consumers has already noted a sharp rise in food prices. According to a study by the NielsenIQ institute, it is the price of pasta (dry and fresh) that has increased the most at the moment: +11.4% on average. But for the first prices, it goes up to +42%! Grain and oilseed … Read more

NPO Ombudsman investigates Unheard Netherlands after complaints

The Ombudsman of the NPO opens an investigation into Ongehoord Nederland (ON) after complaints about the first three broadcasts of the TV program Unheard of News and a podcast episode. Ombudsman Margo Smit does not want to say how many complaints she received, but speaks of “a very number”. “Many people who write to me … Read more