Japanese government finally decided to dump water from Fukushima into the ocean – UNIAN

The water discharge works will start in about two years. Fukushima – the Japanese government finally decided to dump water from Fukushima into the ocean / REUTERS Japan has approved a plan to dump more than one million tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean. Writes about it BBC. … Read more

Shooting in the USA – in Knoxville a student opened fire on cops: details – UNIAN

School has been temporarily canceled. Shooting in the USA – in Knoxville a student opened fire on cops / cnn.com At Knoxville High School, Tennessee, USA, there was a shooting that killed a student and injured a police officer. Writes about it CNN. Read alsoIn the colony, Navalny is threatened with force-feeding It is noted … Read more

IMF predicts 4% GDP growth in Ukraine in 2021 – UNIAN

Inflation at the end of 2021 is projected at 7.2%. Inflation will increase in Ukraine / Illustration REUTERS The International Monetary Fund, after a 4% decline in the gross domestic product of Ukraine in 2020, predicts its growth in 2021 by 4%, followed by a slowdown in 2022 to 3.4%. According to the World Economic … Read more

there are new videos that can change the course of affairs – UNIAN

The lawyer raised the issue of “camera perspective shifting” that could mislead the circumstances of the death. What is known about the death of George Floyd / Illustration REUTERS At the trial of the murder of George Floyd, which provoked protests in the United States BLM, a new video from the scene was shown. The … Read more

Prison attack – in Nigeria, militants stormed a prison, prisoners escaped – UNIAN

It is not yet known for certain who exactly organized the attack. The militants released 1 thousand 844 prisoners / Illustration / REUTERS Militants armed with machine guns and grenade launchers attacked a prison in Nigeria and tried to seize an arsenal of weapons; during the assault, 1,844 prisoners escaped. Read alsoNavalny suspects he contracted … Read more

Coronavirus test – in Mallorca, doctor sold negative test certificates – UNIAN

The testing centers on the island are overcrowded. The fake test cost 80 euros / photo REUTERS In Mallorca, a German family doctor sold fake coronavirus test certificates to tourists. Read alsoUS plant halted production of AstraZeneca vaccine due to errorIt is reported by “European truth” with reference to the Focus edition. There are many … Read more

All ships stuck due to the accident Ever Given passed through the Suez Canal – UNIAN

The last of 422 ships in line passed through the Suez Canal. Canal traffic is fully restored / Photo by US Navy All ships that were stuck due to the accident of the container ship Ever Given passed the Suez Canal. It is reported by Reuters. Read alsoThe Suez Canal may be expanded to avoid … Read more

Nord Stream 2 – Germany called for a moratorium on the project – UNIAN

Member of the Bundestag Peter Bayer advised to take into account the attitude of the United States to the project. Germany called for a moratorium on the completion of Nord Stream 2 / photo REUTERS The German government has called for a moratorium on the completion of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This … Read more

An explosion in Indonesia – a fire broke out at an oil refinery – UNIAN

Eyewitnesses say that the flame is visible at a distance of five kilometers. A fire started right after the explosion / Screenshot A powerful explosion occurred at the Pertamina refinery in Indonesia. Read alsoMexico plane crashes, kills sixWrites about it Time. A fire on the island of Java began in the morning, immediately after the … Read more

Train crash in Egypt – the culprit may be among the passengers, the reason is named – UNIAN

A train collision in Egypt killed at least 32 people and injured 91. “Unknown persons” pulled the stop valve in one of the trains, which caused it to stop abruptly / photo REUTERS The accident of passenger trains in Egypt occurred due to the fact that one of them made an abrupt stop: someone inside … Read more