Half of companies will fail to unify their channels of interaction with customers

New Gartner marketing research estimates that 50% of companies will not have been able to unify their channels of interaction with their customers by 2022. The firm offers a series of indications to prevent this from happening and to improve their strategy in this area. Marketing departments should prioritize digital commerce to mitigate the impact … Read more

The Chamber calls on the Government to unify criteria to request the return of the expenses of constitution of mortgages

The Parliament of Galicia has approved an initiative that urges the central government to unify the criteria for requesting the expenses of constitution of mortgages and that it is set in five years from the completion or cancellation of the loan in the property registry . The non-law proposal presented by the Parliamentary Group of … Read more

Artemio López: “Duhalde knows enough about institutional coups”

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Coronavirus opens opportunity to unify Europe’s digital payments market

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of digital media in the face of mandatory confinement. In this context, only in Europe, the use of electronic payments increased 73% in one week, according to calculations by the European Union (EU). However, although financial technologies have facilitated the transmission of payments and reduced possible contagions, the … Read more

Public transport in Prague and its surroundings unify the color. In the metropolis, the change met with resistance, and the chief architect Kotas also opposes it Transport

Prague Buses, trams, urban trains and metro trains involved in the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) should have a uniform edoerven design in the future, both on the ground of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. The design of the graphic studio superlative.works, which succeeded in the competition, was approved by the councilors on Monday. For … Read more