So you can install or uninstall its extensions January 12, 2021

What Microsoft Edge has brought Microsoft Edge has always looked for the update. And that is the essential focus that we can see right now with the use of its functions. It comes to mean best practices on the web, which translates into a fascinating experience. Despite having great competitors, manufacturers have sought to maximize … Read more

Adobe withdraws Flash Player support: “How to uninstall”

Already for the year 2017, Adobe communicated that he had planned fEnd Flash Player support for browsers to end of 2020. Now in 2021 it is official, support for the software has ended and Adobe will begin to block the execution of the content from January 12. Flash Player must be removed from all computers … Read more

Xbox Series S / X will allow you to uninstall specific parts of the games

As the days go by, Microsoft continues to offer news of its future consoles. Thus, in addition to showing us features like Quick Resume, the system that will allow loading suspended games in a maximum of 7 seconds, the American company recently wanted to talk about the selective installation of these systems. On this occasion, … Read more

Xbox Series X / S will allow us to selectively uninstall parts of a game

Xbox Series X/S They are already there next door and while we wait impatiently for them to arrive in Spain the next November 10Microsoft continues to provide us with more information on the different features that they will bring with them. Now, Jason Ronald of Microsoft has commented on one of them very interesting: the … Read more

urgently uninstall these 29 malicious applications!

Cyber ​​security researchers have just detected 29 malicious apps on the Play Store. These have accumulated nearly 3.2 million downloads, and most of them are invisible on the smartphone on which they are installed to flood you with advertisements. Credit: Pathum Danthanarayana via Unsplash Regularly, applications lying around on the Play Store are pinned for … Read more