a unique version of Gelandevagen – what kind of car is this and why does it cost a million dollars? — Laboratory — Motor

Before you – Ares X-Raid. The car, which was built on the basis of the G-wagen by the neighbor of the Ferrari and Pagani factories, the Italian company Ares Design. New such “Gelik”, similar to an intergalactic bastard attack aircraft, cost a million dollars. If you study this car more closely, it becomes clear why … Read more

This Unique Feature Only Is On The Russian Su-34 Fighter

Sukhoi Airplane The Su-34 Fullback of the Russian Air Force has a dual role as attack aircraft (fighter) as well as a bomber (bomber). The Su-34 aircraft which entered service with the Russian Air Force in 2014 is a development of the Su-27. The greatness of the Su-34 is not in its speed, although it … Read more

The Russians have created a unique operating system – a competitor to Linux

<!– Дмитрий Степанов –> 21 January 2022 17:0421 Jan 2022 17:04 | Share The Russian software “long-term construction” – a unique micronuclear operating system “Phantom” by Dmitry Zavalishin – is ready for use in pilots. It is expected that the project, which has been underway since 2010, will be of interest, in particular, to power … Read more

Shar – Leading COVID-19 Leader: “He Has a Wonderful Omycron” | Euroleague

In addition to N. Mirotičius Sharas, UNIKS Kazanė landed at the Barca trip on Thursday at 64:70. “It simply came to our notice then. It feels like a beast, ”said the coach when asked about his high health. Earlier, Shara stressed that he has a great line-up, and the loss of players is part of … Read more

Lenc: Nagano was unique. It would be nice if we could create such a euphoria for the nation again

Of course, I am surprised and happy at the same time. On the other hand; younger boys went to Karjala and I was originally supposed to go to Moscow in December. However, the connection from Khabarovsk was not ideal and the club management also wished I did not go to the national team. Which the … Read more

The Spanish tennis player shocked with a unique blow. The opponent stared incomprehensibly

Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreño Busta pulled one of the most bizarre tennis strokes. In the second round of the Australian Open, he completely surprised his rival Dutchman Griekspoor when he played the winning ball on his side of the court. The situation occurred when the Spanish tennis player had a 4: 3 break in … Read more

Fans of ski jumping from Nýdek have invented a unique board, now they are looking for money

“It simply came to our notice then. But even after we got together with the people who took part in its creation, a year passed, ”says Marek Klus. Hardening is a hit: This is how people in the Karviná region enjoy it He would like to address his colleague Michal Vavrys, who had nothing to … Read more

Unique Facts about the Planet Mercury, as the Hottest Planet in the Solar System

Jakarta, Borneo24.com – Do you know how the order of the planets in the solar system from closest to the sun to farthest? If sorted by the distance closest to the sun, then the order is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. After understanding the order, it means that Mercury is the planet … Read more

Is it true that shark teeth will continue to grow throughout their lives? These are the Unique Facts of Shark Teeth

Bobo.id – If you hear animals shark, friends may imagine a large fish that lives in the sea and has sharp teeth. Yes, sharks are indeed one of the predators in the ocean, friends. Not only that, sharks are also feared and avoided by humans, because sharks are known to often bite humans. Although there … Read more