Unique FM | News | A “vaccination passport” first of all for travelers

A “vaccination passport” first of all for travelers Tuesday 04 May 2021 Ottawa is currently working on the development of a COVID vaccination certificate. This is in anticipation of the day when the immunization of Canadians is sufficiently advanced to allow them to travel abroad. The Trudeau government has been cautious in recent months about … Read more

Vivo unveils a sophisticated phone with unique technologies

The new phone features 128 GB internal memory, expandable via microSDXC cards, a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen, a display resolution of (2400/1080) pixels, and a brightness rate of approximately 409 cd / m. An image showing the Vivo logo. Source: Getty Images Company revealed Vivo About its latest group of smartphones, which included a distinctive phone, … Read more

Battlefield 6 will receive new and unique modes. DICE provided content that cannot be found in other games

DICE is getting ready to reveal a new part of the Battlefield series. The game is rumored to be unveiled in May, so the head of Electronic Arts teams decided to heat up the atmosphere and mentioned new modes. Developers will provide a unique experience. DICE confirmed a few days ago that “Soon” there will … Read more

Covid-19. Are you entitled to a vaccination certificate when you receive a single dose of

“I had the Covid in March 2020. When I was able to get vaccinated in March 2021, the doctor told me that I will not have another injection. But I only had one document stating a first injection. Wouldn’t that be a problem if it was necessary to obtain a vaccination certificate? “, asks Brigitte, … Read more

Redmi K40 in a unique edition – Bruce Lee version

The Chinese brand officially unveiled its first gaming smartphone. Among the available versions, the most admirable model is the “Bruce Lee Special Edition”. Picture Redmi K40 Bruce Lee Special Edition /press materials Redmi K40 is a device aimed primarily at gamers. The smartphone is equipped with a 6.67-inch OLED screen, produced by Samsung, with a … Read more

The EU promises immunity in July. Umon this unique contract with Pfizer, it is the largest supply of vaccines in the world | Svt

BRUSSELS Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was considered a messenger at first. And in view of the shortcomings of the agreed deliveries of some manufacturers as well as the weights, whether the Commission should have preferred to bet on expensive vaccines based on mRNA. These eventually … Read more

The famous fashion brand also took part in the unique Rolls-Royce for the Japanese billionaire

Although the Rolls-Royce flagship is special in itself and every customer can bring their taste to their limousine when configured, from time to time the carmaker remembers its roots and creates a truly custom car. Such is the Phantom Oribe, inspired by traditional Japanese Oribe ceramics from the 16th century, the Ao-Oribe style, which combines … Read more

Video: In Egypt, they found a unique burial ground from three different periods

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Monuments informed about the unique find on Tuesday. In 68 mostly oval graves, the skeletons of the deceased are placed in a specific position, bending to the left. All are from the pre-dynastic period, which began six thousand years BC. Another 37 graves are rectangular, at most 85 centimeters … Read more