New Royal Enfield Rp33 Million, and Unique Facts about Hyundai Stargazer

Tuesday, 9 August 2022 – 08:15 WIB VIVA Automotive – There are several news related to the automotive world that aired on VIVA on Monday, August 8, 2022, and were widely read until they became the most popular. Starting from Royal Enfield only IDR 33 million, up to unique facts Hyundai Stargazer. 1. The Latest … Read more

[Breaking] AHM Releases a unique ST125 DAX motorcycle, the official price is equivalent to the CBR250RR SP !!

Viewed: 24,752 – By the way….PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has officially marketed the Honda ST125 Dax, which has an iconic, unique, and simple character with a modern touch on the latest technology so that it can provide a relaxed and enjoyable driving sensation. The motorcycle, which was launched globally since 1969, is ready … Read more

5 Unique Facts about Pluto, the Planet that was ‘expelled’ from the Solar System

Tuesday, 9 August 2022 – 18:59 WIB VIVA – Discussing outer space and the planets Solar system indeed very interesting and second to none, wrong is Planet Pluto. Pluto, although far away, was once “occupied” by Earth’s spacecraft, named New Horizons. It was launched in 2006 and reached Pluto on July 14, 2015. It took … Read more

Borges Festival: five books by this unique author for less than 250 Argentine pesos, until Friday

This Monday begins the second edition of the Borges Festival, which is virtual and free. Of Jorge Luis Borges many things are said. That his literature is “difficult” and that it is “for few”. That he is the most universal -and most famous- Argentine writer on the planet. What is a bestseller. That he anticipated … Read more

They have been together for over 20 years. Paulina Sykut and Piotr Jeżyna had a unique feeling

– Piotr is the most important man in my life. Every day I thank fate that I could meet him on my way. I am very happy – said Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna in one of the interviews. The presenter and her husband, Piotr Jeżyna, have been together for 23 years. Despite the age difference between them, … Read more

Telescope sends a unique image of the “cartwheel”

The US space agency “NASA” published, the day before yesterday, a rare and amazing image of a galaxy 500 million light-years away, the Chariot Wheel Galaxy, whose rings appear in unprecedented clarity thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope. Astronomers believe that the Cartwheel galaxy was originally a spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way, … Read more

“We will be moderate leg. Unique symbol We with Italy-Italy at the center »- Corriere TV

«Our political history is in the center right. The choice to unite consists in saying that the moderates in the center-right are there and will be decisive. We are already working on the program »so Maurizio Lupi, president of Noi con l’Italia, at the presentation of the unique symbol with Italy at the center by … Read more

Knowing 4 Unique Facts of Hagfish, the Smoothest Ancient Fish in the World

In 2017 ago as reported by Nationalgraphics.coma container truck loaded with thousands of kilograms fish Hagfish spilled on the streets, causing severe traffic jams. At that time, the road was filled with fish squirming with mucus so thick that the road was so slippery that it took the firefighters 7 hours to clean it. Well, … Read more

One of a kind. Bugatti reminds us why its 16-cylinder is unique

The development of the engine that we know today as the four-time turbocharged 16-cylinder W16 from Bugatti began as a drawing on a postal envelope in 1997. The then chairman of the VW Group, Ferdinand Karl Piëch, originally sketched an 18-cylinder engine, which gradually evolved into the 8-liter colossus we know today. “At that time, … Read more

Three types of long covid have been detected. Everyone has unique symptoms

Some of the links in the article are affiliate links. After clicking on them, you can see the offer for a specific product – you do not incur any costs, and at the same time you support the work of our editorial office and its independence. The first and most common type involved complications in … Read more