D. Sabonis, who played universally, helped the team win a dramatic victory

The National Basketball Association (NBA) achieved a dramatic victory in the preseason games Domantas Sabonis Sacramento Kings Club. The Lithuanian team is away 105:104 (24:32, 30:25, 29:19, 22:28) broke the Phoenix Suns basketball players. The Kings led by 8 points (102-94) with 3 minutes to play, but the home team reduced the deficit to 98-102. … Read more

Universally designed parking at Ånderdalen National Park at Senja is more expensive than at Gardermoen – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Many hikers in Troms have had a surprise on arrival at the popular hiking destination Ånderdalen National Park. At one of the entrance gates to the national park in Tranøybotn on Senja, it has suddenly become expensive to park. The new car park has been paved, toilets and rubbish bins have been put up, and … Read more

Here are the Most Universally Liked and Disliked Smells

pcatalin/Getty Images/iStockphoto There is a universal smell or smell perception driven by molecular structure and that explains why we like or dislike certain smells. Nationalgeographic.co.id—The beauty of color and the melody of sound or the innocence of music are those things universal. As well as building or aroma. A new study has found that the … Read more