Island state in the Pacific Ocean flooded by ‘unprecedented’ corona wave

In the capital of the island state, Majuro, where about 20,000 people live, the number of infections has risen to 2000 in recent days. According to the Ministry of Health of the Marshall Islands, 75 percent of all corona tests currently come back with a positive result. Strict quarantine rules The Marshall Islands, which lie … Read more

Index – Interior – There was an unprecedented police raid in Siófok

During the tourist season, the population of Siófok multiplies, the Petőfi Promenade and its surroundings are characterized by an increased number of visitors and events lasting into the night. In this period of the year, the police is present with a substantially increased number of personnel and carries out its tasks in close cooperation with … Read more

VIDEO: Well, you can’t take this as a frame. Dortmund scored a goal after an unprecedented mistake by the opponent’s goalkeeper

Source: FC Red Bull Salzburg Adam Stejskal is a 20-year-old goalkeeper. He has been a Red Bull Salzburg player since he was 16. Last season, he was a key player in the under-19 team, which made it all the way to the final of the Youth Champions League. In an interview for Ruik, he talked … Read more

A husband takes off his dress of shame and confesses with unprecedented boldness.. My wife does not always accept my sex with me until after I do this act that ignites her ecstasy! (lightning detail)

2022/08/10 It’s 06:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Mabrouk Attia, Professor of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, appeared in a new live broadcast of him on his page on the social networking platform “YouTube”. During which he answered a question he received in which the questioner says: My wife does not accept my … Read more

Researchers uncovered an unprecedented burial structure under Říp. They did not expect such in the Czech Republic

According to scientists, a similar construction of a mound has now been documented in the Czech Republic for the very first time. As evidenced by another find, namely the burial of a woman from the end of the Stone Age, the mound was used for burial even 1000 years after its construction. 120-meter burial monument … Read more

Asus launches the “computer of the future” with unprecedented specifications

Country: Some Internet sites reported that Asus is preparing to launch a distinctive laptop, which will transform the world of mobile devices. According to the latest leaks, the expected device has a flexible, foldable touch screen, and by opening the screen of this device wide, it can be used as a large tablet screen, and … Read more

Tonga volcano has released an unprecedented amount of water into the atmosphere

Respond to this story delay Hengja Tonga-Hung Hapai’s eruption lasted less than a day, but released the largest amount of water vapor into the atmosphere through any recorded volcano. The researchers say the eruption could temporarily raise surface temperatures in the coming years and also affect the stratospheric ozone layer. On January 15, the underwater … Read more

Tonga volcano appears to have ejected unprecedented amount of water into atmosphere

The amount of water vapor that reached the stratosphere is equivalent to as many as 58,000 filled Olympic swimming pools! “We’ve never seen anything like it.” Do you remember the giant eruption of Tonga volcano last January? The violent volcanic eruption has even gone down in the books as one of the largest ever. The … Read more

James Webb: NASA’s telescope gave scientists an unprecedented picture of a distant black hole

The james webb space telescope provided scientists with an unprecedented view of a distant black hole, peering through layers of dust to trace the structure and composition of material swirling around the massive object. Webb recently pointed his near-infrared spectrometer, or NIRSpec instrument, at the black hole supermassive that lies at the heart of the … Read more