Hamdan bin Mohammed: The Atlas Lions recorded an unprecedented achievement in the history of Arab football

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the “Atlas Lions” today recorded an unprecedented achievement in the history of Arab football by qualifying for the quarter-finals. His Highness said in a tweet on Twitter: “Congratulations to Morocco for … Read more

The Korean giant, Samsung, is preparing to launch a new giant phone with a huge battery and unprecedented imaging capabilities

It seems that the new phone that the Korean company will launch at the beginning of 2023 will be the phone of the year, as Samsung is now preparing to launch the Galaxy S23 series of phones, and this series will consist of three phones, namely the regular version, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the … Read more

Unprecedented offer from UAE and Saudi Arabia: Let’s give 3.7 billion dollars and buy it to us

The Saudi Arabian and Qatari joint investment fund was the largest bidder for Liverpool, which was put up for sale. The most serious offer to Fenway Sports Group, which put Liverpool up for sale, came from the Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium. According to the news of David Lynch from Sporting News; The Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint … Read more

Black hole eats star – what happens after is ‘unprecedented’

black holes are objects in space with tremendous gravity. If a star gets too close to the colossus, it is not only sucked in, but also crushed until there is nothing left of matter. Sometimes a bright jet is formed afterwards. Researchers call the event the Tidal Disruption Event (TDE). They are exceedingly difficult to … Read more

Zelensky: We are preparing an unprecedented response

The people of Ukraine are trying their best to cope with the consequences of the actions of the Russian army. Armed not with weapons, but with tools, they are trying to fight Russia’s attempt to continuously bombard the energy system and leave residents without electricity this winter. Russia seeks to force Ukraine to surrender, leaving … Read more

Hospital performs unprecedented procedure by SUS in the treatment of cancer patients in Bahia | bahia

At lower rates, but also important for the creation and maintenance of public policies for early diagnosis and treatment, the document lists cancer of the thyroid gland, cancer of the oral cavity, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), leukemias, cancer of the central nervous system , bladder, esophagus, skin melanoma, uterine and ovary body, larynx, Hodgkin’s lymphoma — … Read more

An “unprecedented” bronchiolitis epidemic affects Belgium: the situation is very tense in Brussels

As the cold sets in, several hospital pediatric wards are saturated in Belgium, facing an “unprecedented” bronchiolitis epidemic, as is also the case in France. The situation is particularly tense in Brussels since no more beds were available on Tuesday in three major hospitals in the capital, namely at the Saint-Luc university clinics, at the … Read more

Estonia announces an unprecedented case in the history of intelligence: this is a victory over the Russians

Not to mention, it is said that the Russians themselves do not know that A. Zinchenko, who ended up behind bars in Estonia in 2017 as the first unmasked ex-GRU spy in the country, fled the country not so long ago. This article was prepared by Eesti Päevaleh together with Yah

Washing machines that ensure the cleanliness of clothes at an unprecedented new level

Clothes play a very important role in our lives. With its help, it is possible to improve your personality, develop your individual style and even demonstrate your feelings and mood. Pleasantly smelling, perfectly clean and ironed clothes give even more confidence and also create a good image of a person. We entrust the care of … Read more

New climate change discovery: Scientists find evidence of unprecedented modern sea level rise in ancient caves |

The 20th century was a modern moment for people around the globe, with giant breakthroughs in steel, electricity, and the automobile. Yet industrial development has also led to climate change. According to a study by an international team of experts at the University of South Florida (USF), sea levels have risen by 18 centimeters since … Read more