What seemed absolutely unreal just yesterday can become completely real today! Horoscopes for August 1

Foto: Shutterstock Aries Your energy resources will exceed all limits today. Your energy could charge the city today. Put it to work! Most read Putin can’t use right hand to swat a mosquito at Navy Day celebrations, but threatens world with hypersonic missiles Violated the speed limit by just a few km/h? No warning – … Read more

Unreal Esther! Nothing can stop Ledecká, she performed a number like from a circus

Ledecká is known for not being able to rest much and would prefer to keep training. When he’s not on skis or a snowboard, he’s riding the waves on a surfboard, or he’s working on his already chiseled figure. Her zeal is admirable. And this summer, she will not be idle by the sea in … Read more

Romero Games, the studio of the creator of Doom, works on a new shooter in Unreal 5

John Romero, one of the creators of the iconic FPS Doom, was back on everyone’s lips when his independent studio announced a new project that would involve one of the “largest distributors”. According to this post, this new IP will be a shooter programmed from the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine and promises to reimagine … Read more

Ghost of a Tale developers ditched Unity and switched to Unreal Engine to create a sequel

© The creators of the wonderful role-playing game Ghost of a Tale have officially announced the development of a sequel. While the developers are not ready to announce the details of the sequel or its release date, but they already have an important announcement. SeithCG’s writing team has decided to ditch Unity in favor of … Read more

Rennsport will surprise fans of simulators? The first gameplay shows racing on Unreal Engine 5

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> In a few months, a production will appear on the market that may intrigue simulation enthusiasts. Rennsport was presented on the first material and the developers want to offer a realistic ride using Unreal Engine 5 for production. Rennsport is a simulation race focused on realism. The creators develop the proposal in cooperation with … Read more

Russia wants to create a national game production engine. Studios may lose access to Unreal Engine and Unity

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Developers from Russia may soon lose access to Unreal Engine and Unity, so they will not be able to produce on popular and freely available technology. As a consequence, the government of Vladimir Putin wants to help and create a new, “national” engine for creating games. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is associated with many … Read more

The legendary SEGA Rally Championship will have a remake in Unreal Engine 5 created by a fan

With the title Over Jump, the creative hopes that one day it can become an official remake. It is more and more common to see new projects in Unreal Engine 5 that, far from seeking to create new video game sagas, what they do is update the graphics of iconic titles from the past. On … Read more

Epic Games: 48 Percent of New Game Titles Use Unreal Engine 5

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” gameplay demo at announcement PlayStatioin 5 (PS5) last year was an important moment for Epic Games. At the event, Sony demonstrated the graphics capabilities of the game completely created by Epic Games using the Unreal Engine (UE) 5. Saishree Ashwin, Business Development Lead, Epic Games, Southeast … Read more