Facts about Choe Sung, the Courageous Man Who Married Kim Yo Jong, Number Two in North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s Brother

JOURNAL SOREANG – Kim Yo Jong is the younger sister of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. Other than that, Kim Yo Jong He is also reportedly active in political activities in North Korea and is a member of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). Not surprisingly, that Kim Yo Jong was mentioned as … Read more

This is the look of the 2 Suspects of Diksar Death Menwa UNS Solo

Solo – Two suspects in the participant’s death case Diksar Menwa Eleven March University (UNS) Solo, Gilang Endi Saputra, underwent reconstruction today. Two suspects, namely NFM and FPJ, were seen wearing dark blue prison clothes numbered 14 and 19. Observations at the Manahan Stadium Solo, Thursday (11/18/2021), the two suspects were not presented simultaneously in … Read more

Bad luck! Former UNS Menwa Education and Training Participant Explains Series of Activities Until Victims in 2013 Last

illustration of oppression -Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay -pixabay ABOUT GRESIK – Menwa UNS has again become a public conversation through the hashtag #JusticeForGilang which is buzzing on Twitter, apparently this is not the first time this unfortunate incident has happened. Some time ago, the virtual world was shocked by a case of violence … Read more

Student Killed, Chancellor Officially Frees Menwa UNS

Sebelas Maret University (UNS) has officially suspended the Student Organization (Ormawa) of the Student Corps Standby Battalion 905 Butcher Abilawa UNS or the student regiment (Menwa) following the case of the death of one of the students while participating in the activity. Rector’s Decision: The Head of the Evaluation Team for the 905th Battalion UNS … Read more

Dozens of UNS Menwa Education and Training Committees and Participants Live in Dormitory to Facilitate the Investigation Process

All committees and participants of Menwa Training and Education are required to live in dormitories to facilitate the investigation process being carried out by the police (Source: uns.ac.id) SOLO, KOMPAS.TV – The Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Campus requires all committees and participants of Basic Education and Training (Diklatsar) to stay in dormitories during the police … Read more

Latest: Menwa UNS and President Erdogan’s Plan to Indonesia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A summary of the two latest news from the National channel is worth revisiting. The first is about the development of cases of alleged violence that befell participants in the education and basic training of Menwa UNS. The second is about the planned arrival of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to … Read more

5 Facts about Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister who was dragged into the coup issue

Jakarta – The name Kim Jong Un is back in public discussion, Mother. This time it’s about him who is said to have been suspected of having been coup d’etat by his younger sister, namely Kim Yo Jong. The news emerged for several reasons. Not only that, the news of the coup that Kim Jong … Read more

UNS student killed, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim urged to ‘disband Menwa, what’s the point in campus?’

28 October 2021 Image source, AMONG Caption, Hundreds of members of the Student Regiment (Menwa) took part in a parade to defend the country in the Tugu Pal Putih area, DI Yogyakarta, several years ago. At this time, there are calls for the Menwa to be disbanded following the death of a UNS student. The … Read more

New Evidence in the Case of UNS Students Killed during Diksar Menwa, Police: Confiscation has been carried out

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The police received new evidence in the case of the death of a student at Sebelas Maret University Surakarta (UNS), GE (20), who died while attending the Student Regiment’s Basic Education (Diksar) (Menwa). The evidence was obtained from the examination of a number of witnesses on Wednesday (27/10/2021). The Solo Police Chief, Kombes … Read more

Sanctions Threat of Death Diksar UNS: Menwa Disbanded-Students DO

Solo – Gilang Endi Saputra (21) died while following the Diksar of the Standby Student Corps or the Student Regiment (Menwa) Eleven March University (UNS) Solo. The campus emphasized that the threat of severe sanctions would be imposed, ranging from warnings to the dissolution of the organization, if convicted of a crime. The regulation is … Read more