Sony expects PlayStation game business to decline, console supply exceeds demand but game demand decreases – Hong Kong

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been plagued by out-of-stock problems since its launch, and it’s been worse recently. In an earlier earnings report, they lowered their full-year profit forecast for the gaming business. Sony said it shipped 2.4 million PS5 units in the last quarter (the second quarter of fiscal 2022), up just 4 percent from … Read more

“Rev to Vertex” racing game Hong Kong real track real terrain data drawing 1:1 track- Hong Kong

In order to present the most realistic game experience to the public, the racing game “Rev to Vertex” has been supported by the Hong Kong Spatial Data Office, and the real terrain data measured by LiDAR has been used to draw the mountain roads and highways in Hong Kong. 1: 1 map. (Image Source:Press release) … Read more

Smartphone shipments in the first quarter of the five major brands only Apple recorded quarterly growth- Hong Kong

The market research firm IDC earlier announced the smartphone shipment report for the first quarter of 2022. The top five brands with the most shipments in the world are Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. Their total shipments in the first quarter of this year were With 222.7 million units, accounting for 70.9% of the … Read more

Zoom subtitle translation, 300-person meeting function launched a paid plan for enterprise users – Hong Kong

Zoom announces the upcoming launch of a new conference solution, Zoom One, which provides 6 subscription plans for users to choose from, which can accommodate Zoom meetings with up to 300 participants or more, and supports functions such as whiteboard and Zoom Phone Pro calling services to match the latest development of the platform. . … Read more

The free version of “Jelly Bean” has exceeded 20 million players. Netizens find it easier to advance if they lose the game- Hong Kong

A few days ago, the game developers of the party game “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” (Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) launched a cross-platform free version of “Jelly Beans: Free for All” (Fall Guys: Free for All), and released it on Over 20 million cumulative players within 48 hours, but some players find it easier to advance … Read more

Edge browser adds Xbox-specific features for better performance in streaming games – Hong Kong

Since Microsoft’s Edge browser was completely refreshed and switched to the Chromium core, it has worked hard to add unique features to allow users to switch from Chrome to Edge. Recently, they have resorted to the trump card again, adding Xbox-specific features to enhance the gaming experience. Microsoft recently announced that the Edge browser will … Read more

Windows 8.1 will display end-of-support warning to encourage users to upgrade to an updated system – Hong Kong

The world is full of feasts, and the operating system will also end its support one day. Microsoft Windows 8.1 will begin displaying an end-of-support warning, reminding users to upgrade to a newer system to continue receiving support. Windows 8 ended support as early as 2016, but Windows 8.1 will not be fully supported until … Read more

IBM’s electronic tongue technology evolves to detect finer taste data – Hong Kong

The sensing technology of machines in vision is quite mature, and other “senses” are also constantly improving. Recently IBM shared their “electronic tongue” technology progress, and now it has begun to detect more detailed taste distinctions. IBM’s HyperTaste “electronic tongue”, which is chemical taste detection technology, can analyze the chemical composition of liquids and perform … Read more

Windows 11’s “Apps Recovery” feature allows one-click installation of existing Apps on new computers – Hong Kong

Microsoft is developing the “Restore Apps” feature in Windows 11. When users install a new PC device, the “Restore Apps” feature allows users to restore apps that were installed on the old machine with one click. In the Library section of the Microsoft Store, two new options will appear, including Restore All and Selected Apps: … Read more