Britain’s promotion of electric vehicle development requires new homes to provide charging facilities-Hong Kong

The UK’s policy of prohibiting the sale of fuel-engine vehicles is more radical than many European countries. The local government has set the target date of the ban on sales to 2030. In other words, it will be fully switched to pure electric or hydrogen in about 7 years. Fuel-driven vehicles, and existing fuel-engine vehicles … Read more

Nissan’s new technology tackles the problem of insufficient rare earths and more effectively recovers rare earths from scrap cars-Hong Kong

Rare earths, as the name suggests, are quite rare, but they are one of the necessary materials needed to make electric vehicles. Therefore, recycling rare earths from waste products has always been a technology that car manufacturers hope to achieve. Recently, Nissan announced that they have begun testing a new recycling process to extract rare … Read more

PUMA is officially authorized by Nintendo to launch the “Dynamic” series-Hong Kong

The game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was launched last year, and accompanied many people through the time when the Wufei epidemic broke out. There are still many players, and even Jiang Tao Fans recently used the game to completely remake the MV. A few days ago, sportswear brand PUMA announced that it will cooperate with … Read more

Toyota self-driving car hits athletes and paralympics can’t participate, the president apologizes-Hong Kong

At the Tokyo Paralympic Games (Pa Olympic Games) in Japan, the athletes’ village is equipped with an autonomous driving unmanned vehicle provided by Toyota. Two days ago, an unmanned vehicle collided with Japanese judo player Kita Shinko, which prevented him from participating in the event. Toyota President Toyoda Akio apologized for this. The incident occurred … Read more

Windows 365 is full on the first day, and the trial will be suspended for only one day-Hong Kong

Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 365 service earlier, and it went into service yesterday (August 3). But one day later, Microsoft once again announced the suspension of the free trial service of Windows 365. The reason was actually due to the large number of people. Scott Manchester, the person in charge of Windows 365, … Read more

Supercomputer predicts that Manchester City will be crowned king again in the new Premier League season, Manchester United will only be fourth-Hong Kong

The new season of the Premier League will kick off in 10 days. All teams have begun pre-season preparations. Although the acquisition of new players has not yet been completed, there are already ranking predictions for the new season. The British betting site earlier used their supercomputer to predict that Manchester City will successfully … Read more

East Olympics 5000 medals are refined from mobile phone scraps: athletes should not bite medals-Hong Kong

The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing. For athletes, winning medals after training hard is a very exciting thing, and biting gold medals is a designated action for many athletes. However, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee recently urged athletes not to bite the gold medal through Twitter. The 5,000 medals related to this Olympics are … Read more

Reduce Electric Vehicle Mileage Worries The United States Tests Magnetized Concrete to Build Wireless Charging Highways-Hong Kong

Many car owners have to overcome their mileage worries when transitioning from traditional fuel-engined vehicles to electric vehicles, that is, they are worried that the car will run out of power before reaching the charging station. The Transportation Department of Indiana in the United States announced earlier that it will cooperate with Purdue University to … Read more

Morino bombards the game “Fortnite” refers to players addicted to football coach nightmare-Hong Kong

Morino, who will coach the Italian team Roma in the new season, bombarded the popular game “Fortnite” in an interview earlier, saying that players often play the game and it is a “nightmare” for the team leaders. Morino pointed out that “Fortnite” is a nightmare, because players often play this “junk” all night long, and … Read more

Japanese media allege that Nintendo temporarily withdrew from the opening ceremony of the East Olympics Lady Gaga + Watanabe Naomi Mario’s performance was cancelled-Hong Kong

This year the Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan, and many anime songs have been heard, which are quite Japanese. However, according to Japanese media reports, Nintendo originally planned to participate in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, providing several well-known game music as background music for athletes from all over the world, … Read more