Kolbermoor: This is how the Am Moorgarten urban housing estate was spruced up

Freshly painted outer facade and balconies: The house with number 13 (left) was the model house – the workers used this as a guide. The other houses with the numbers 14.15, 16 and 12 were then partially renovated. Weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor © weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor That was a precision landing: the … Read more

The 8 most famous urban legends of video games

sezer66 vía Shutterstock The news about video games gained a great weight in the field of entertainment thanks to its constant changes but … do you know any urban legend that has to do with famous titles or consoles? In the darkest corners of the Internet these stories were created that although they are not … Read more

Filomena: DIRECT | The urban buses begin to work in the city of Madrid after the snowfall

MADRID 12/01/2021 08:39 Updated: 12/01/2021 11:12 Closed schools, underserved supermarkets and hospitals trying to regain normality after days of isolation are some of the consequences in several communities of the Filomena storm, whose trail of snow and ice will take days to disappear. Likewise, rail, air and road freight and passenger traffic continues to try … Read more

Real urban art against the ugly graffiti that invades the streets

A quick walk through Compostela is enough to observe that the problem of graffiti that damages walls and garage doors is also one of the ills of the Galician capital. The Fontiñas neighborhood, Quiroga Palacios, Vite, La Almáciga, Bonaval Park … The problem goes beyond remote areas and invades tourist places that are part of … Read more

Urban Latin music and a decade of global success

2020 is over, an unexpected year that has put us to the test in every way with the global pandemic and that will undoubtedly be remembered in the history of humanity. But beyond the obstacles and difficult moments, we want to highlight one of the musical phenomena of the decade that ends. When we specifically … Read more

Explicit lyrics of urban music, a virus still without a vaccine?

The debate continues. In the last two years, the urban songs that have caught on the most in the country are those with explicit words. After the idea of ​​Joseph Báez, president of the National Commission of Public Spectacles and Radiophony about censoring this type of songs on YouTube, some react The debate on the … Read more

Angelika Daamen is no longer a consultant for urban development

Personnel in the town hall – Change of job: Angelika Daamen is no longer a consultant for urban development Angelika Daamen has dedicated herself 100 percent to the Göttingen Tourism and Marketing Association since the new year. Before that, she was also a consultant for urban development for 15 years. .

the best podcasts of Ibero.2 – IBERO 90.9

The life of Christian Vizl it could be linked to that of the ancient nomads. He was born in Mexico but has lived in Germany, Australia and has traveled multiple beaches. He studied in Mexico City and one day after receiving his university degree he decided to travel to Chetumal, Quintana Roo, to become a … Read more

The photos of the urban centers of Germany, deserts because of the covid-19

A clothing store in Lübeck, without the typical Christmas decorations of this time of year. (MORRIS MAC MATZEN / AFP)In the midst of the many shops in the city of Lubeca considered non-essential and closed until mid-January to stop the wave of covid-19 that hits the country, some stand out for their sad “definitive closure” … Read more