Erdoan refuses to move forward with elections after being urged to resign as the lira plummets

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan insists it will not hold early presidential and parliamentary elections despite opposition pressure to step down as a result inflation currency lira which keeps getting worse. Erdogan stressed that the presidential and parliamentary elections would still be held as scheduled, namely June 2023. “They (the opposition) … Read more

Vin Diesel urged Skala to return to “Fast and Furious”: “Little Brother Duane …”

Vin Diesel wants Dwayne Johnson-Rock to return to the “Fast and Furious” series. The two actors have a well-documented enmity behind the scenes, the flame of which has been maintained for several years by interviews on the subject. Now Diesel is the one who at least seemingly lends a hand and seeks reconciliation. In an … Read more

If the nuclear agreement is not reached, Israel is urged to bombard Iran by the end of 2021

Squadrons of Israeli F-15 fighter jets fly escorting US B-1B bombers on a show of force mission to threaten Iran’s nuclear program, Saturday (10/30/2021). (Source: US Air Force via Associated Press) TEL AVIV, KOMPAS.TV – The Israeli government is urged to bombard Iran if the nuclear deal between Western countries and Tehran is not reached. … Read more

Israel Urged to Bombard Iran Later This Year

loading… TEL AVIV – Israel urged to bombard Iran later this year if no new nuclear deal is reached. This request was conveyed by a member of the Likud Parliament, the opposition party led by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Likud MP, Tzachi Hanegbi, said his party offered full support for a military strike against … Read more

China urged Evergrande boss to use his personal fortune to pay the company’s debts

Xu Jiayin, also known as Hui Ka Yan in Cantonese (AFP) The Chinese authorities told the founder of the real estate giant Evergrande, Xu Jiayin, use your personal fortune to help deal with the company’s huge debt, according to press reports. The liquidity crisis from a major Chinese company undermined investor sentiment and shook the … Read more

UNS student killed, Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim urged to ‘disband Menwa, what’s the point in campus?’

28 October 2021 Image source, AMONG Caption, Hundreds of members of the Student Regiment (Menwa) took part in a parade to defend the country in the Tugu Pal Putih area, DI Yogyakarta, several years ago. At this time, there are calls for the Menwa to be disbanded following the death of a UNS student. The … Read more

More children sick with RS virus – parents are urged to keep young children at home

Already this summer, there was an increase in the number of children who were severely affected by the RS virus. The culmination has not yet been reached and the health care counseling 1177 in Jönköping County now recommends parents to keep their children at home from preschool if there is an infant in the family. … Read more

RS virus: Parents are urged to keep children at home from preschool

As DN has previously reported, one has record-breaking RS virus season led to a shortage of care places at the region’s hospitals. But the region fears that the culmination has not yet been reached. Therefore, parents are now encouraged to keep older siblings at home from preschool in the coming weeks, if you have a … Read more

Population in Moldova urged to save gas

Photo: Moldovans urged to save gas The shortage of gas imports is compensated for from the stock of main gas pipelines, which causes the pressure in the GTS to drop. JSC Moldovagaz urged consumers to reduce gas consumption and, if possible, switch to alternative fuels. This was reported by the press service of the … Read more

Philippine Defense Minister Admits That China Was Urged to Stop Reviewing Defense Pacts with the US

loading… MANILA – Philippine Minister of Defense, Delfin Lorenzana admit that China opposed the review of the 70-year defense agreement with the United States (US). Lorenzana said Beijing was concerned that it could be seen in Beijing as an attempt to contain its rise. The Philippines is keen to amend the 1951 Mutual Defense Agreement … Read more