Jornal Médico – It is urgent to reduce bureaucracy in Primary Health Care

At the moment, CSPs are overloaded with useless, duplicated, unnecessary bureaucratic processes that compromise the doctor-patient relationship and take time away from care activities. Certification is an inherent gesture of being a doctor, however it is essential to define what is mandatory to certify in the SNS and CSP and what can be transferred to … Read more

An urgent expropriation decision was made for the area in this district of Konya.

According to the President’s decisions published in the Official Gazette, the Natural Site of Lale Island North Region, located in Balikesir’s Ayvalık district, has been registered and declared as a sensitive area to be protected as a result of the re-evaluation of its conservation status. The privately owned part of an immovable in the Savur … Read more

Canal lining project.. Details of implementation rates in 12 governorates in Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt

The national project to rehabilitate and line canals is a cultural shift that the Egyptian government seeks to achieve in all villages and hamlets of Egypt. To develop a network of canals and drains, which helps reduce environmental pollution in order to achieve a tangible economic and social return in those areas. The project aims … Read more

Re-pumping of desalinated water gradually within hours

confirmed National Water Company In the eastern sector, the approximate completion of the conversion work of one of the main water pumping lines of 800 mm diameter at the main station in the city center of Dammam. During the coming hours, it will begin to gradually re-pump to customers, at a time when emergency plans … Read more

Juventus, “the team has requested an urgent meeting with the managers” – Libero Quotidiano

The announcement of penalty of 15 points it comes like a tsunami in the house Juventus. And the afternoon will be Luca Momblanojournalist of QSVS very close to the things of Continassa, he writes sibylline: “The Juventus team, with Bonucci e Danilo spokesperson, requested an urgent meeting with the club for tomorrow morning”, that is … Read more

Urgent | Gold prices today in Saudi Arabia, after the increase in the dollar .. a “new high”

Gold prices rose today in Saudi Arabia, with the closing of trading on Wednesday evening, January 11, 2023. Stable, compared to The price of gold yesterday in Saudi ArabiaCoinciding with the turmoil in the global gold market, gold prices in Egypt were subjected to a sudden decline in the goldsmiths market. Gold prices today in … Read more

Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny needs urgent medical attention | Abroad

13 jan 2023 om 19:42 Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has been in prison since January 2021, is seriously ill. His wife appeals to the prison staff to supply him with medicines, as her husband’s life is in danger. Navalny claimed on social media this week that authorities deliberately infected him. He has a … Read more

Urgent | The cause of death of Lisa Marie Presley, a famous American singer… full details

Everyone in Egypt, Arab countries and the world was surprised by the death of Lisa Marie Presley, a famous American singer, and everyone wondered about the cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death. The cause of death of Lisa Marie Presley The wife of musician legend Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley, announced in her statement today the … Read more

Urgent.. The truth about the death of the artist, Sawsan Badr, at the age of 65 | And the first comment of the union

Many news websites and social media pages have published in the past period some news about the death of the able artist, “Sawsan Badr”, and this news has caused concern to a large segment of the artist’s audience and fans, and for his part, the captain of the acting professions, the artist “Ashraf Zaki”, had … Read more

An urgent measure of education regarding a dictation piece on “Al-Shaarawi” in an exam

08:12 PM Thursday, January 12, 2023 I wrote – Mennat Allah Abd al-Rahman: A state of controversy arose between parents and students of the second preparatory grade in the Sahel Educational Administration of the Directorate of Education in Cairo, regarding the incident of a dictation piece entitled “Imam of Preachers” about Sheikh Al-Shaarawi in the … Read more