Do you work in Bitcoin? Arkansas offers you USD 10,000 to live and work there

Key facts: In addition to bitcoin, applicants can also choose to receive a mountain bike. Professionals from areas not directly related to Bitcoin can also apply. The state of Arkansas, located in the southern United States, is offering USD 10,000 in bitcoin (BTC) to technology professionals and entrepreneurs to make a life in its territory. … Read more

Bitcoin Trading Signs (BTC) at 13.14. January 2022: buy in case prraz above 45,800 USD (21 SMA)

price bitcoinu on January 10 due to the view that e Fed he could finish year 2022 provst a 4 zven years rates, dostala na minimum 39 550. Data The inflation and Powell ‘s insults, however, pushed on US dollar and he weakened. Its index fell to support of 94.86. Benefit from it its competitors … Read more

Afrikrea Ecommerce Platform Raises USD 6.2 Million

Afrikrea, an e-commerce platform for African products, changed its name to Anka and managed to raise $ 6.2 million in a pre-Round A funding round. Now, the total investment of the company has totaled $ 8.1 million since its inception in 2016. In its statement, the company said that “the development coincides with its rebranding … Read more

12.01.22 Technical analysis of BTC / USD – similar development as in September

Thanks to this last redemption under the monitored support, Bitcoin (BTC) has a similar development as in September last year. The rebound at the time was followed by slightly higher dynamics in price growth, which is still happening today. However, the course is already facing the first obstacle, which is the local resistance diagonal, which … Read more

Technical analysis BTC / USD – Two years later, for the year 2022 from IX ..

It’s been almost two years since I wrote articles for some of the cryptoportals, sharing regular BTC / USD market analyzes with crypto traders. This does not mean, however, that I did not analyze during that time. He devoted himself and as always. Today, you will still have the opportunity to see the original market … Read more

11.01.22 BTC / USD technical analysis – short breakthrough support and quick redemption

Bitcoin (BTC) had a pretty interesting development yesterday, as the exchange rate fell below $ 40,000 for a short time. However, I was suspicious for two reasons. On the one hand, something similar happened in September last year, and on the other hand, selling pressure somehow did not increase. On the contrary, the price drop … Read more

DolarToday: Price of the Dollar in Venezuela today, Tuesday, January 11, 2022 | Dollar Monitor | USD to Venezuelan Bolivars | Cúcuta dollar | Soles to Bolivars

The exchange rate of the dollar in Venezuela It was quoted this Tuesday at 4.90 bolivars per dollar in the parallel market, according to the portal Dolar Today. Meanwhile, the euro traded at 5.34 bolivars in the street (changers) of the city of Caracas. Likewise, the dollar exchange in Cúcuta, Colombia, a city near the … Read more

10.01.22 Technical analysis of BTC / USD – a clear victory for the bears

Bitcoin (BTC) has entered a new week, which automatically means for us that we have the final form of the weekly close. And that form of the weekly candle is definitely not positive, which I said in yesterday’s video analysis. As we will see in a moment, Bitcoin has practically only slowed down at a … Read more

07.01.22 BTC / USD technical analysis – decline continues, but support holds

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to decline, but so far only has penetrated the support zone, which is around $ 42,000. And we just said yesterday’s streamthat Bitcoin has a great chance that the current support will really be defended. I mentioned the arguments for reflection enough on yesterday’s stream, but it is true that we are … Read more