this user created a switch to choose whether their PC boots to Windows or Linux

Stephen Holdaway I’m hardly the only person in the world who gets a little bit frustrated with GRUB when you have more than one operating system, but (at least that we know) it is the only one that has created your own physical switch to save yourself seeing the famous bootloader.

Holdaway was tired of something that all of us who have double-booted Windows 10 with Linux know: the stunts you sometimes have to do to choose Windows before GRUB runs out of time and booting directly to the main Linux distribution.

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Sony withdraws the Cyberpunk 2077 game .. for this reason!

The Polish developer CD Projekt was criticized for rushing to launch the game before the problem was solved. An illustration showing Cyberpunk. Source: Getty images The Japanese company Sony announced the withdrawal of the Cyberpunk 2077 game from its electronic devices for its gaming platforms. ”Play Station Store ”, and this decision comes after many … Read more

Frustrated AirTag user taps his iPhone screen five times and discovers a secret menu

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo Sometimes a user’s frustration can lead to an unexpected discovery. Like a secret menu that Apple forgot to remove. The Californian company put on sale a few days ago some small locators called AirTag. Thanks to the ultra-wideband technology, the latest iPhone models can know the exact position of an AirTag with … Read more

A user sends an AirTag by post to see if they can track the journey

Since the official presentation of Apple’s location beacons, AirTags, the company claims that they are not designed to track children as well as people or animals, although this be the use that many users have initially thought. Many users are wondering, to what extent is the tracking capacity of these small devices accurate? One of … Read more

If the user does not agree to these terms, WhatsApp will disappear in 14 days: okezone techno

JAKARTA – The users WhatsApp have to get ready because in two weeks or 14 days, WhatsApp is rumored to be lost. The meaning missing here is that the user will no longer be able to take advantage of the proprietary service Facebook that is if they do not want to press the agree button … Read more

Hostage assault on Ubisoft Montreal targets user banned 80 times from Rainbow Six Siege

In the end everything derived from a false call and it did not go to adults. The defendant denies being involved. You may remember that last November, Ubisoft’s Montreal headquarters suffered a hostage attack. The study employees had to be evacuated, including on the roof of the building, in an event that put the heart … Read more

Major Linux developer kicked out of community for mocking user experiments

04/22/2021, Thu, 12:12, Moscow time , Text: Elyas Kasmi The University of Minnesota was excluded from the Linux kernel developers – its employees deliberately developed patches with hidden vulnerabilities in order to observe the reaction of the community. The community did not want to experiment on them – new patches of the University will not … Read more

Crolla Clubhouse, downloads down by 70% in March – Internet and Social

Collapses Clubhouse. According to data from March 2021 from analytics firm Statista, the platform’s downloads would have dropped by almost 70% (exactly 69.4%), going from over 9 million in February to less than three million in March. The voice-only app launched in April 2020, currently remains only by invitation and only on iOS, while in … Read more