Russia is losing its military influence over other post-Soviet countries

For example, the redeployment of so-called Russian peacekeepers from Nagorno-Karabakh to Ukraine is undermining Russia’s influence over Armenia, the ISW report said. Experts point to the warnings of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that Azerbaijan is preparing a new large-scale attack on Nagorno-Karabakh. Pashinyan has announced that Yerevan will have to turn to the UN … Read more

what is the alliance of former USSR buffer states in Putin’s (and Biden’s) sights? The Orb case

War Ukraine, the former Soviet Union or former Warsaw Pact buffer states have been walking a razor’s edge for a year, ever since Putin’s aggression in Kiev overwhelmed the fragile balance between the veteran nations of the European Union, the latest arrivals or those about to join the EU and, on the opposite side, the … Read more

What will happen to Russia if it loses the war? A dark fate awaits him, analysts believe

Some experts agree that if Russia loses the war, it will disintegrate into smaller units. While foreign experts estimate that up to 20 new states could be created in this way, according to Czech expert on Russia Jan Šír, there could be up to 40. What will happen to Russia if it loses in Ukraine? … Read more

Russia – Putin’s little USSR, but the Kremlin’s omnipotence over Russian regions is fading

The shocking events and global upheavals of the past year have put regional Russian politics on the back burner. Many Russian voters are apparently unaware of (or have simply forgotten about) the death of one of the biggest and most enduring figures in Russian politics for decades – the leader of the LDPR party, Vladimir … Read more

CGIL secretary elected in Bologna with USSR anthem, Fdi goes on the attack – Politics

At the CGIL in Bologna they explain it as a mistake by the disc-jockey, but the musical incident that happened yesterday evening at the CGIL congress in Bologna is creating embarrassment and controversy: when the newly elected secretary Michele Bulgarelli was proclaimed and took the stage in the presence of the secretary general Maurizio Landini, … Read more

CGIL plays the USSR anthem to Landini’s laughter “Resign immediately”

Circolo Arci San Lazzaro di Savena, mid-January 2022, CGIL congress for the Bolognese secretary. Once the result is achieved (Michele Bulgarelli is elected), the Soviet anthem plays in the auditorium. No outrage, and indeed applause and clenched fists, with Maurizio Landini, general secretary, who willingly participates in the revival. And more than a few smiles … Read more

Is Russia about to disintegrate like the USSR? Signals and unknowns –

Of Luca Angelini Experts: «All empires eventually crumble. To think that for Putin – and for Russia – it will be different is just another defect of the imagination.” At a time when, on Ukrainian soil, the Russian Army seems to be able to regain positions, in the sector of Soledar and Bakhmut, in Donbass, … Read more

Change the post-Soviet. Ramil Niyazov – about the future after the empire

This summer I was in Georgia, where a couple of times funny stories happened to me. I started a dialogue with the Georgians in English, out of respect for their trauma associated with the Russian aggression. Some time later, when they found out that I was from Kazakhstan, they said: “You don’t know Russian, do … Read more

Bašta gave an interview to the Russians: the EU is a failed copy of the Soviet Union

“The irony is that the current European Union is in many ways a failed copy of the Soviet Union,” said Bašta in conversation. According to him, the European Parliament is similar to the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, which was the highest body of state power in the USSR between 1938 and 1989 and … Read more