Angelo Vaira – Who is Rosita Celentano’s partner

Angelo Vaira he is certainly not unknown to animal lovers: thanks to his profession as a dog coach, he has helped thousands of families to improve their relationship with four-legged friends. Angelo Vaira is the companion of Rosita Celentano for some time: the two have in common a passion for animals, nature and meditation. They … Read more

Vaira Vike-Freiberga and her husband Imanta discover what is the basis of both 60-year-old marriage – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Vaira and Imants’ findings about relationships and cohabitation from an interview in the magazine “Ieva”: * Imants: I also think we have the same vibrations. I don’t know if you believe that, but each person has their own aura and vibration; * Steering wheel: The smell of the person is also important. She should like … Read more