Meteorologists eased the snow warning, valid only in the north of Bohemia

It snowed most intensively until this morning in the northeast of Central Bohemia and in the western half of the Liberec region, where around ten centimeters of mostly wet and heavy snow fell. In the following hours, up to six more centimeters will fall in the north of Bohemia, elsewhere it will only snow sporadically. … Read more

Traffic insurance prices have been announced! Here are the figures that will be valid in 81 provinces for a penny.

ADJUSTMENT TO MONTHLY INCREASE With the effect of costs and vehicle prices, insurance prices have been changing frequently in the recent period. The increase in the ceiling price compared to the previous month was 1 percent until December 31, 2021. As of February 2022, the coefficient of increase started to be applied as 1.50 percent. … Read more

Epic Games Store gives away Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, offer valid until December 23

As you know, the Epic Games Store is giving away a new game every day for us to collect in our library, these offers are available until the beginning of January and will be exclusive to the Christmas season. on this occasion the Epic Store gives us three great classic games, it is about Fallout, … Read more

Legitimate! Second Home Visa Starts Valid in RI Starting Today

Jakarta – Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna H Laoly officially imposed a second home visa policy (second home visa) in Indonesia. The inauguration of the policy targeting global investors and billionaires was carried out during the Handover of the Pura Wira Ksatria Immigration Patrol Boat and Launching Second Home Visa in Lagoi … Read more

How to establish or cancel a SIPO? Is this service still valid today?

Source: Shutterstock What is a SIPO? A SIPO is basically a simple payment tool that can pool all regular payments, such as paying bills for water, gas, rent, telephone, insurance or radio and television fees. In practice, this will make your work easier and you won’t have to think about all the invoices individually, but … Read more

Genshin Impact, codes to recover 300 primo-gems! Valid for less than 24 hours, don’t delay!

News astuce Genshin Impact, codes to recover 300 primo-gems! Valid for less than 24 hours, don’t delay! Published on 25/11/2022 at 13:04 And here are the codes released during the Genshin Impact version 3.3 presentation stream. You will be able to recover 300 primo-gems for free by entering the codes on the official site or … Read more

Bans against private parties during the pandemic were valid – NRK Vestland

In both cases fines were given for breaches of the ban on private gatherings with several participants. The defendants claimed that the bans were invalid, and that they could therefore not be punished. This has not been supported by the Supreme Court. Two judgments were handed down Thursday 10 November. Two women as appropriate organized … Read more

In the Tele2 and Pildyk networks, the price per minute to Ukraine remains 5 cents: special rates will be valid throughout November

Mobile operator “Tele2” announces the extension of the validity of special tariffs for calls and messages to Ukraine – they will be valid for the whole month of November. The price per minute remains at EUR 0.05, SMS messages at EUR 0.10. These tariffs apply not only to private and business Tele2 customers, i.eachow and … Read more

Motorist has been driving around without a valid driver’s license for 12 years: “After the previous driving ban, I just got it back, without an exam” | Waregem

In 2010, Bart D. received a first conviction by the police court. He then had to pass his theoretical driving test again before he was allowed to drive the car again. He never submitted his driver’s license, which resulted in him being banned from driving for 3 months in 2012. Then he gave up his … Read more

MADE IN ENGLAND: Cancelo should have behaved differently when defending Salah, City’s goal could have been valid

“I expected more goals, but it was still an interesting clash between Liverpool and Manchester City. I expected Liverpool to defend and then try to come up with something up front. They succeeded. Salah didn’t convert the first chance, but he did the second. In that situation, Joao Cancelo, who defended Salah, made a huge … Read more