The 10 most valuable insurance brands in the world in 2023

Brand Finance annually analyzes more than 5,000 of the world’s largest brands and publishes more than 100 reports ranking brands from all industries and countries. The 100 Strongest and Most Valuable Insurance Brands in the World are included in the ranking anual Brand Finance Insurance 100 2023. Mapfre is the most valuable insurance brand in … Read more

Region Västernorrland – Awarded for valuable research on risks in radiotherapy

Anna-Karin Wennstig, senior physician in oncology, was awarded a scholarship of SEK 100,000 at this year’s oncology days. She receives it for her research on the risks of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer after radiotherapy for breast cancer. Congratulations Anna-Karin, what does this scholarship mean to you? – I feel incredibly grateful and honored to … Read more

The customer experience journey: negative reviews are valuable lessons

According to customer surveys, in 2021, customers rated the experience of cooperation with INVEGA 9.02 points out of 10, and last year this ratio increased to 9.18. Clients have a very positive assessment of the services provided by “Investicių ir versza garantii” (INVEGOS) (efficiency and usefulness for business are rated 9.13 out of 10), the … Read more

Juventus achieves a valuable victory over Inter

It is the second successive victory for Juventus and the seventeenth this season, so it raised its score to 41 points in seventh place and strengthened its chances of competing for Champions League cards, despite deducting 15 points from its balance for accusing it of financial manipulation in the ruling it appealed. Juventus narrowed the … Read more

My name is Hossam Qassem and my parents are very valuable

Monday 13/March/2023 – 05:36 PM a statement Adawiya Shaban The son of the late artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim changed his name due to the distortion of his father’s name and his artistic career. And Adawiya Shaaban wrote on his official Facebook account, commenting: I mean, it is everything that happens that the children of Shaaban … Read more

Mostafa Mohamed gives Nantes a valuable point in a deadly draw against Nice

Nantes club snatched a valuable point from its guest Nice, after their positive draw (2-2), today, Sunday, in a match that brought them together at La Beaujoire Stadium, within the twenty-seventh round of the French League competitions. Mostafa Mohamed was able to end the scoring fast in the 25 minutes he participated in against Nice, … Read more

An incredible twist and fifteen-year-old Brenda’s most valuable title. Bohemia ruled in India

Brenda Fruhvirtova triumphed at the tournament in Bangalore, India. The fifteen-year-old Czech sensation lost the first nine games in the final. But she escaped from an almost hopeless situation of 0:6, 0:3 and won her ninth final on the adult ITF circuit. The younger of the Fruhvirt sisters experienced a duel of two different halves … Read more

Column for March 12, 2023 – Bear’s garlic – A spring jewel in a salad and a valuable medicinal herb for the intestines, heart and blood vessels.

Allium is the family name, a plant family with many health and medicinal properties, which also includes, for example, garlic, onion, leek, shallot and many other types of garlic growing in the wild. Ursinum is the species name of the wild garlic. Ursinum is derived from the Latin word ursus, meaning ‘bear’.

Not Gold, This is the Most Expensive and Valuable Precious Metal

Jakarta – It’s not believed to be one precious metal the rarest and most expensive. In fact, while they rank quite high comparatively, there is one precious metal that trumps both value and rarity. Due to the versatility of gold, its conductivity and durability, it is in the top five most expensive metals. The price … Read more