They reveal which is the vaccine most valued by Argentines, the one that generates the most rejection and why

Does nine months vaccination against the Covid-19. December 24, 2020 the first batch arrived of 300 thousand vaccines and the official launch of the campaign was five days later, at the Posadas Hospital. After the time equivalent to that of a full-term pregnancy, the baby is pronounced. Much has been said about the national immunization … Read more

Be sure not to sell these 10 car models. Their value may increase significantly in the future

An older used car in the garage does not always mean just a stunt, because in some cases it can earn you a considerable amount of money. How? Although cars are often described as the worst investment ever, this may not be the case. Recently, we have been able to do this, known for many … Read more

Bitcoin has lost 21% of its value since June 3

The price of the cryptocurrency that will be adopted as legal tender in El Salvador as of September 7 has lost more than $ 8,300 due to international factors. The Bitcoin Law, which will force all Salvadorans to use this cryptocurrency as a form of payment as of September 7, did not come at a … Read more

Bitcoin falls below $ 30,000 as China orders a halt to the mining industry | The World | DW

Bitcoin fell below $ 30,000 this Tuesday (06/22/2021) for the first time in five months, affected by measures in China against the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. At around 12:30 GMT, bitcoin lost 9% of its value to $ 29,624 and reached its lowest level since January. The volatile cryptocurrency continues to rise 2.2% since the … Read more

Bolsa Família: after reformulation, program will pay R$ 284 | Economy

Alan Santos/PR – 29.9.2020 Jair Bolsonaro speaking in an advertisement for Renda Cidadã, a program that will replace Bolsa Família In this Sunday (20) edition of the newspaper o Globo, columnist Lauro Jardim stated that, after the reformulation promised by the government, the family allowance will be from R$ 284 . According to him, the … Read more

Jeep Cherokee Limited caught fire and FCA offers lower value replacement

After 6 years of working in Courts, the owner of a Jeep Cherokee Limited, which was burned down by a factory failure, managed to have the Justice sentenced the company Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) from Argentina to deliver as compensation a zero kilometer vehicle from the Same model, but the firm intends to deliver a … Read more

Wallonia offers 62,490 passes worth 80 euros to support tourism!

Posted on Friday July 17, 2020 at 1:45 p.m. When the Walloon budgetary adjustment was presented, several stimulus measures were announced. And among them, the possibility of winning a voucher worth 80 euros to be used in one of the Walloon tourist sites. The trend seems good for Walloon tourism even if it will have … Read more

The National Government evaluates increasing the value of the third share of the IFE

While you are paying the second instalment of the Family Income for Emergency (IFE), the National Government is evaluating how it will be the third: you could have a higher value (today it is $10,000) and will reach the areas most affected by the quarantine as AMBA and Chaco. Fernanda Raverta, the owner of the … Read more

Cholesterol: Too high values are often inherited | guide

Status: 15.06.2020 10:46 PM – Visite Enlarge image High cholesterol can be inherited. If slim people, despite plenty of exercise and a healthy diet permanently to high cholesterol, there may be a so-called familial or primary hypercholesterolemia. She belongs in Germany to the most common genetic metabolic disorders. A recent Danish study found that it … Read more