Dungeons and Dragons will stop using the word ‘race’ because it’s problematic

Wizards of the Coast announces through a statement that they will stop using the word “race” in favor of “species” in the rules book of One D&D (the next major revision of the popular game) as part of a natural change. As highlighted from my city, the word feels somewhat out of place in these … Read more

Vandal who destroyed the faucet in Las Condes was formalized and remained with national roots

The Public Ministry formalized this Tuesday Andres Barrosthe 18-year-old vandal who destroyed a faucet in the Las Condes commune in Septembera fact that his friends recorded and went viral on social networks, causing the condemnation of the public. Barros was formalized by the crime of damage so the court decreed national arraigowhich was requested by … Read more

High Command, exam and how to win

the route of the Victory Traverse in Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon has as final goal become champion and for that we have to overcome first the eight gyms and leaders from the Paldea region. Once this is done, the players can face the last and great challenge of this story: the Pokémon League. As … Read more

Legendary Path and Order of Dominant Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple

The Legendary Path It is one of the main activities that we can experience in the history of Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon. Helping Damin in his investigation of the hidden spices we will have to go in search of several dominant Pokemon mentioned in the scarlet book or the purple book. In this entry … Read more

Epic Games Store could give away one free PC game a day again this Christmas

Continuing with its annual tradition, Epic Games Store could once again give away one game a day for Christmas. That is what a regular source in this type of leaks assures, the user Billbill-Kun of Dealabs, who already advanced the same promotion of this digital store last year. Although there is no official confirmation, it … Read more

ALL Pokemon exclusive to Scarlet and Purple

You may also be interested in: When the main installments of the series Pokmon come on the market with two different editions always offer a exclusive pokmon listand in this aspect the new Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon follow keeping current this long tradition of the Nintendo franchise. This means that once again both games … Read more

New images of Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Lague, a multiplayer game, come to light

Activision Blizzard will be very close to introduce a new installment of the saga Crash Bandicoot centered on the multiplayer experience as several rumors have been pointing out in recent weeks. Liam Robertson, a youtuber focused on video games and their history, has revealed through a new publication on his channel YouTube new details and … Read more

Impressions Battlefield 2042 Season 3, the last bullet in the chamber

This week Battlefield 2042 comply his first year of life365 days that have not been easy for the shooter from DICE and EA that as we told you in our analysisDespite its incredible immersion in warfare, it was hitting stores too soon due to both its technical errors and its obvious lack of content that … Read more

A streamer manages to overcome all Soulsborne without taking a single hit

The players of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Axe: Shadows Die Twice, Elder Ring and, in general, of all the works by FromSoftware and similar ones that drink from the same formula, they are capable of performing previously unimaginable feats. Throughout this year we have reported surprising cases of users who manage to deal with these titles … Read more

Pokémon GO: Giovanni’s New Research with Dark Mewtwo | best counters

Just like Niantic had announced last week, Giovannithe imposing boss of Team GO Rocket, has received from today November 14 a new special investigation into Pokmon GO with which he has seen his Pokémon team renewed. Now this boss Features Dark Mewtwo as the main claim for those who manage to defeat him. In this … Read more