Where did you get the vaccine? Depending on the arm, your resistance to covid varies

As the months go by, science learns more details about the operation and side effects of the vaccines that have been developed to alleviate the most harmful consequences of coronavirus. Since they began to be injected at the end of 2020, various studies have been testing the effectiveness of this remedy against the most serious … Read more

They discover an eccentric exoplanet whose temperature varies from -80 ° C to 100 ° C every 35 days and that could host water

Published: 13 one 2022 11:17 GMT The experts pointed out that the proximity to its host star, small and much cooler than the Sun, makes it possible for water to exist in a liquid state on its surface. An international team of astronomers led by the University of Bern (Switzerland) has recently discovered an exoplanet … Read more

Opinion towards vaccination mandates varies by party

Americans’ attitude to President Joe Biden’s proposal to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory reflects their party loyalties: Democrats support it, Republicans reject it. In total, 51% of the population say they support the idea while 34% reject it and 14% do not have an opinion about it, reveals the poll by The Associated Press and … Read more