In Lithuania, the VAT rate for communal heating in the next two seasons will be zero / Article

111 present members of the Seimas voted for the proposal and nine abstained. Some members of the Seimas expressed concern that the zero VAT rate will apply only to communal heating, but Prime Minister Ingrīda Šimonīte expressed confidence that the state compensation for electricity and gas this year is higher than any VAT rate. “Currently, … Read more

Farmers and traders repeatedly call on the government to impose a 5% reduced VAT on food products

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), representatives of farmers’ organizations and traders repeatedly call on the government to set a 5% reduced value added tax (VAT) for food products, on Friday after the discussion held by the MoA “Reduce VAT for food. YES? NO?” its members agreed. Jānis Eglīts, head of the Ministry of Interior’s office, … Read more

“The government intervenes by reducing VAT to 4% and hitting those who speculate” –

Many are preparing to spend the winter in the cold. The crazy increases in electricity and gas prices frighten and bring families and businesses to their knees, but those who thought they could save themselves by resorting to the use of pellets for heating had a nasty surprise. At the moment, in Granda, those who … Read more

Spain will reduce VAT on gas to 5%: this is Pedro Sanchez’s strategy to counter the energy crisis

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchezannounced this Thursday to the microphones of Radio Cadena Ser that the government will reduce VAT on gas from 21% to 5% starting from October. This measure will extend until the end of the year, but it can also be extended in the following months, “as long as … Read more

“I am applying to Milan. 5% VAT on basic necessities” – Libero Quotidiano

“No mess like the Democratic Party”. Matteo Salvinisecretary of the League, spoke to Coffee de la Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta, a traditional political and cultural appointment of the summer, and cannot fail to speak of electoral lists: “I think I will run for my city (Milano, ndr) but they asked me to spend myself … Read more

(Not) reduce VAT? Tax rates are a decision based more on political than economic logic / Article

The main purposes for which a reduced VAT rate is applied to a category of goods or services are to stimulate the consumption of certain goods or services and to increase their availability. Namely, it is assumed that by reducing the tax rate, products will become cheaper and more accessible to a wider range of … Read more

Jean Bottari passed away | VAT News

Jean Bottari, who has been very active on social networks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has died. TO READ OPINION LETTERS BY JEAN BOTTARI • Read also: Our seniors deserve better • Read also: Dying of COVID-19 in a CHSLD: “A year later, I haven’t really experienced my grief” This was indicated by … Read more