Velvet – Gumicukor – Kesha took to the stage in a flashy, thong dominatrix dress

“When I was a little girl, I felt so alone. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Then when my first song came out, I found my extended family! I want you to know that you are safe at my concert! I want you to feel free here. I’m at home! I will fight for … Read more

Velvet – Gum Sugar – Cheated Azahriah’s Cheating Girlfriend Speaks to Pamela Hodi and Other News

Below we review what has become known about the celebrities of our country since we published our latest news summary. Stay with us, it will be long! Azahriah’s cheated girlfriend is upset Offensive criticism of Attila Baukó, Azahriah’s cheated girlfriend, Luna, came to life. The flu has written on its community page about how hard … Read more

Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Zita Greek’s series of photos without makeup and flashing décolletage attracts eyes like a magnet

With a white rose in her hand, she posed for the camera in a sparkling, unbuttoned silk shirt Greek Zitawho also flashed her body-colored bra. The model not only attracted attention with its cleavage: its post was also interesting because it showed itself to its followers without makeup. One of the little joys of life … Read more

Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Ibolya Oláh mourns her musician

Szabolcs Ducsai, a permanent member of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra and Studio 11, died tragically suddenly at the age of 47. The famous jazz trumpet player The song He appeared alongside Ibolya Oláh in the first broadcast of this year’s show. The Hungarian Jazz Association was the first to publish the news about the musician’s … Read more

Velvet – Life – This is how Magdi swings her twins

The singer is posting more and more pictures of the already four-month-old drops, whom she has now photographed while swinging, and then shared the picture on her Instagram page. On the first of February, Rúzsa Magdi gave birth to her triplets, Kevé, Lujza and Zalán. They were born in 34 weeks, and were able to … Read more

Velvet – Europe – That’s why Queen Elizabeth did not take photos with her granddaughter

At the end of last week, II. Queen Elizabeth ascends the throne 70th anniversary. The British held a four-day ceremony to commemorate the ruler’s April 96th birthday. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also appeared at the event with their daughter, Lilibet, but the Queen did not want to be photographed with her. It turned out … Read more

Velvet – Gumcukor – Vát Tóth was disturbed by the way men write, Viki Metzker posts about his honeymoon

You can also find out from our news summary what György Moldova’s last words were to his wife, and you can also read about why Anikó Marsi and László Palik finally decided to divorce. Metzker Wiki As about recently Velvet also reported, the most professionally awarded DJ in Hungary recently stood in front of his … Read more

Velvet – Gum Sugar – This is how Jon Bon Jovi mourns his bass player

On Sunday night, Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman of the band Bon Jovi, announced the death of his bass player on his community page. Alec John Such was 70 years old. The American rock band was founded in 1983 by John Francis Bongiovi Jr., keyboardist David Bryan, bassist Alec John Such, guitarist Richie Sambora and … Read more

Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Prince Erika: “I’m not a star, I’m a performer”

Prince Erika was born on July 5, 1988 in Transdanubia, Kisdobrony. The singer’s father is of Hungarian descent, while his mother is of semi-Hungarian and semi-Ukrainian descent. The team of X-Faktor noticed the Hungarian singer born in Transcarpathia three years ago, but at that time she was still the front man of the girl group … Read more

Velvet – Gum Sugar – That’s why Madonna and her 36-year-old boyfriend were able to break up

After three years of living together, Madonna and her 28-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, broke up unexpectedly. According to a source close to the couple, they have been living apart for weeks. The 63-year-old Madonna and 36-year-old exe found each other in 2018. Their overwhelming love was theirs, so the fans got the news like a … Read more