“Welcoming Trentino bears in Veneto? No thanks”: the mayors after the WWF proposal. “We already have to manage wolves, fear for tourism and farmers”

“Welcoming Trentino bears in Veneto? No thanks”: the mayors after the WWF proposal. “We already have to manage wolves, fear for tourism and farmers” TRENTO. “It’s not crazyour montagne they were populated by bears until the last century when they were exterminated”. These are the words with which, yesterday (Thursday 13 April), the delegate of … Read more

Explosion in a school in Rovigo, broken glass and smoke filling the corridors: two students injured

ROVIGO – A bang and a lot of smoke, which invaded a small room and a corridor, while all the students were forced out of the school. It happened this morning, March 23, shortly after 9, at the Ipsia in via Alfieri, which is part of the Rovigo Technological Pole, or the Viola-Marchesini IIS, which … Read more

Covid Veneto, 4 deaths but only 502 infected: New Year’s effect

Veneto, January 2, 2023 – I’m alone 502, against 2061 yesterday, the new Covid 19 cases resulting from the Covid bulletin issued today by Veneto region (here all yesterday’s data, January 1, 2023). It was certainly not Covid that suffered a sudden setback but it played on New Year’s Eve: those who underwent the test … Read more

night of super work for the firefighters

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In Vicenza the exhibition “The creators of eternal Egypt” – Veneto

On display 180 original pieces from Turin and the Louvre The exhibition “The creators of eternal Egypt. Scribes, craftsmen and workers at the service of the pharaoh”, hosted in the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, opens to the public tomorrow. The review, presented to the press this afternoon, has already been considered by some critics as … Read more

Veneto, defeats in series for the no vax: all 300 causes of health care lost

The Constitutional Court assembled There are three hundred cases of no-vax doctors, nurses and health workers pending before the judges of the civil courts and the tar. And they are all lost causes. The decision of the Consulta on Thursday 1st December, which established the legitimacy of the law which imposed compulsory vaccination for healthcare … Read more

Venice: with Mose in the city 70 cm, at sea 121 cm – Veneto

High water blocked by movable bulkheads (ANSA) – VENICE, DECEMBER 04 – Thanks to the Mose, Venice remained dry again this morning, in conjunction with a peak tide which reached 121 centimeters at 6.50 am, measured in Adriatic at the Lido’s Port Inlet, while in the city the water rose to a maximum of 70 … Read more