Governor Gómez: It is a time to go out to defend the people

“It is very likely that those who today say that you should not vote because it is a crime … when they run for any office they will go out to ask for votes and campaign,” said Gomez. By: Web Writing 12:02 PM / 28/08/2020 “Today is a moment that forces us to go out … Read more

Analysis / Venezuela, guinea pig in electoral matters in the region

The director for Venezuela of the Washington Office for Latin American Affairs (Wola), Geoff Ramsey, believes that there has been “some schizophrenia” in the Trump Administration’s handling of Venezuela. By: EFE 04:20 PM / 27/08/2020 From Brazil to Mexico, passing through Colombia, the debate about Venezuela has not been alien to the electoral campaigns in … Read more

Rebellion in the Chavista alliance is already unhide

Interventions by the PPT, Tupamaro and the harsh criticism of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) show a breakdown in the ruling bloc. By: EFE 05:18 PM / 25/08/2020 There are socialist movements before Hugo Chávez, during his Presidency, and after? Under the government of Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has embarked on a series of measures … Read more

The Communist Party rejects Tupamaro’s intervention

In a tough stance, the PCV added through a thread on its twitter account that the “PCV rejects judicialization of the internal processes of political parties.” By: Web Writing 03:30 PM / 19/08/2020 “The Communist Party of Venezuela categorically condemns the judicial intervention of the #TUPAMARO Party and the imposition of an Ad Hoc leadership … Read more

Guaidó delivered supplies to the Caracas hospital

From one of the areas of a health center, unspecified Guaidó said that “it is not enough”, but it is necessary to continue advancing. “We need to gather, seek, and support as much as possible those who suffer the most today; the most vulnerable sector: the health sector, “he added. By: Web Writing 11:25 AM … Read more

Caleca: The Constitution is violated on all sides with parliamentarians

The ex-president of the CNE and a group of Venezuelans filed an appeal for protection with the TSJ. “This protection will remain for history as the representation of the repressed will of Venezuelans who do not accept how this process was called,” he said. By: Web Writing 10:25 AM / 30/07/2020 “We have to ask … Read more

Guaidó: PAHO and the Red Cross will receive $ 20 million for supplies in Venezuela

The funds will be distributed as follows: $ 13 million will go to PAHO, $ 4 million to the Red Cross and $ 3 million will go towards paying the bonus for medical personnel. By: Reuters 09:35 AM / 26/07/2020 The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the International Red Cross will receive funds to … Read more

Guaidó: Venezuela ratifies protocol before the OAS

The opposition leader describes as “honor” the deposit of the ratification before the OAS of the Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights regarding economic, social and cultural rights. By: Web Writing 11:48 AM / 24/07/2020 Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader and president of the National Assembly, defined the deposit of ratification before … Read more

Spain granted nationality to Lorent Saleh

He was accused by the Venezuelan government of having ties to Colombian paramilitaries. By: AFP 08:00 AM / 20/07/2020 The Government of Spain granted nationality to the Venezuelan opposition leader, Lorent Saleh, the winner of the 2017 Sakharov Prize for Human Rights who arrived in Madrid in exile in 2018, according to the Official Gazette … Read more

US Deploys Ship Against Venezuela’s “Excessive Maritime Claim”

The United States maintains that the Navy operated in international waters, outside the 12 nautical miles that are within Venezuelan jurisdiction. By: AFP 08:01 PM / 15/07/2020 The United States deployed a warship in the Caribbean this Wednesday, July 15, off the coast of Venezuela, in response to an “excessive maritime claim” by Caracas for … Read more