Trump included Venezuela in the list of main drug producing countries

Also on the US list are: Colombia, Bolivia and Mexico. By: AP 10:20 PM / 16/09/2020 Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, and Venezuela appear on a list of more than a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries that the United States identifies as the largest drug producers in the world. The payroll is part of a document … Read more

Guaidó asks the EU not to endorse the parliamentarians

“The unacceptable electoral conditions (to which they have tried to make a veneer to disguise the ongoing electoral fraud) remain intact,” the opposition leader continued. By: EFE 03:20 PM / 05/09/2020 The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó insisted on denouncing to the European Union (EU), in a statement made public this Saturday, September 5, the … Read more

Guaidó: The first 3,000 health workers have already received their bonus

According to the opposition leader, they were paid $ 100 each. By: Web Writing 07:15 PM / 05/09/2020 The leader of the National Assembly (AN) and recognized by more than 50 countries as interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, reported that this Saturday, September 5, 3,000 workers were paid the first installment of the Héroes … Read more

PJ: Justiciero that they register as a candidate, is left out of the militancy

Primero Justicia ratifies that it will not present candidates to the parliamentarians on December 6. By: Web Writing 05:10 PM / 04/09/2020 Through a press release, the Primero Justicia party reiterated this Friday, September 4, that it will not participate in the next parliamentary elections on December 6 because “there are no electoral conditions and … Read more

Guaidó: 6-D fraud is defeated because the international community does not recognize it

“The regime uses the prisoners as exchange tokens, none of them received a release and we are fighting for all of them,” added the opposition leader in conversation with James Story, US ambassador to Venezuela. By: Web Writing 05:30 PM / 03/09/2020 In an online conversation between the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, … Read more

Colombia detains 4 Venezuelans linked to Clíver Alcalá

In Bogotá, Rayder Alexander Russo, and brothers Juvenal and José Sequea Torres were arrested, while in Barranquilla Yacsi Alexandra Álvarez was arrested. Duque assures that they are financed by Maduro. By: EFE / Photo Sebastiana Barráez 04:43 PM / 03/09/2020 Colombian authorities, with the collaboration of the United States, detained four Venezuelans whom they accuse … Read more

Penal Forum launched campaign for the release of 13 European “political prisoners”

Among the detainees, there are at least six Spaniards, two Italians, two Portuguese and one Briton. The non-governmental organization began on Saturday 29-A un tuitazo. By: Efe 05:56 PM / 29/08/2020 The NGO Foro Penal Venezolano began, this Saturday, August 29, a campaign to demand the freedom of 13 inmates that it considers “political prisoners” … Read more

Governor Gómez: It is a time to go out to defend the people

“It is very likely that those who today say that you should not vote because it is a crime … when they run for any office they will go out to ask for votes and campaign,” said Gomez. By: Web Writing 12:02 PM / 28/08/2020 “Today is a moment that forces us to go out … Read more

Analysis / Venezuela, guinea pig in electoral matters in the region

The director for Venezuela of the Washington Office for Latin American Affairs (Wola), Geoff Ramsey, believes that there has been “some schizophrenia” in the Trump Administration’s handling of Venezuela. By: EFE 04:20 PM / 27/08/2020 From Brazil to Mexico, passing through Colombia, the debate about Venezuela has not been alien to the electoral campaigns in … Read more

Rebellion in the Chavista alliance is already unhide

Interventions by the PPT, Tupamaro and the harsh criticism of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) show a breakdown in the ruling bloc. By: EFE 05:18 PM / 25/08/2020 There are socialist movements before Hugo Chávez, during his Presidency, and after? Under the government of Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has embarked on a series of measures … Read more