Sarri disqualified for 2 days: “He sought the verbal confrontation and uttered blasphemous expressions”

Two days of disqualification a Maurizio Sarri, Lazio coach: this is the decision of the Sports Judge Gerado Mastrandrea, following the red received at the end of the match against Milan. The motivation reads “for having, at the end of the match, sought a verbal confrontation with a player of the opposing team, assuming an … Read more

A verbal altercation between Yasmine Al-Khatib and Yasmine Abdelaziz’s brother.. What is the story?

A satirical publication of the media, Yasmine Al-Khatib, sparked a great controversy, and led to the outbreak of a battle between her and the artist Wael Abdel Aziz, brother of the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, after she demanded that the phone be withdrawn from him without explicitly mentioning his name, in order to stop the … Read more

ECB: Eurozone recovery remains partial and uneven – Economy

After a “drastic collapse” in growth in the first weeks of the second quarter due to the coronavirus emergency, “the recovery in the Eurozone remains partial and uneven”. This is what we read in the minutes of the last Eurotower meeting in July which explains that “in parallel with the ongoing containment of the virus … Read more

Lockdown, the secret CTS report approving the government’s choice

10 August 2020 08:40 Check a document dated 10 March in which experts endorse the decision to make Italy a red zone. The confidentiality constraint could soon be removed from that text Alzano and Nembro and the two levels of protection required by the Cts – What happened in those days of early March, when … Read more