Epic Games launches an app that allows you to scan objects and take them to Unreal Engine

Epic Games has launched the application RealityScan para iPhone y iPad after its publication in beta phase last April; reach Android phones and tablets in 2023. The app allows to create three-dimensional modeling by taking numerous photographs from different angles to an object to use them in videogames and other productions made with Unreal Engine … Read more

‘The Cosmic Shake’, the new ‘SpongeBob’ game, already has a release date

This Tuesday, December 6, the official date for the launch of The Cosmic Shakethe new video game based on the hit Nickelodeon series, sponge Bob. The followers of the popular character celebrated at the time with the announcement of a new leap into the gamer world. Little by little more information was released and expectations … Read more

Dungeons and Dragons will stop using the word ‘race’ because it’s problematic

Wizards of the Coast announces through a statement that they will stop using the word “race” in favor of “species” in the rules book of One D&D (the next major revision of the popular game) as part of a natural change. As highlighted from my city, the word feels somewhat out of place in these … Read more

Neither Messi’s nor Neymar’s: the best-selling Call of Duty skin is another, for an incredible reason

The Activision shooter has released incredible outfits in recent days, but for a particular reason, the most successful was one of the least expected. Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba arrived in the last days to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 y Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 as playable operators. Although they were … Read more

New Warzone 2.0 bug gives a lot of experience in exchange for torturing enemies

Since its release, Warzone 2.0 has had to receive several patches, which, beyond fixing the classic launch errors associated with, for example, game performance or game implementations, have been released to eliminate various glitches and exploits. The last of them and of which we spoke earlieris one that allowed you to get $1.3 million in-game, … Read more

SpaceX astronauts will monitor their health with ultrasound from game developer Level Ex – FayerWayer

Level Exa medical video game company that provides software to train surgeons remotely, announced that it will participate in one of 38 scientific and research experiments that will accompany astronauts from SpaceX aboard Polaris Dawn, the first of three human spaceflight missions. The crew of Polaris Dawn and Dragon will travel to an altitude of … Read more

High Command, exam and how to win

the route of the Victory Traverse in Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon has as final goal become champion and for that we have to overcome first the eight gyms and leaders from the Paldea region. Once this is done, the players can face the last and great challenge of this story: the Pokémon League. As … Read more

CDPR is developing ‘The Witcher Remake’ as an open world game

CD PROJEKT RED (hereinafter referred to as CDPR) announced in its 2022 Q3 earnings report that ‘The Witcher Remake’ currently under development will be completed as a story-driven single-player open world RPG. The Witcher Remake is a game that remakes the action RPG ‘The Witcher’ released by CDPR in 2007 with modern technology. Fool’s Theory, … Read more

Sony submits information hinting that the next PlayStation game console will be launched in 2028

[This article comes from: Mashdigi] Emphasize that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard will affect the game market competition In a series of recent criticisms of MicrosoftAcquired Activision Blizzard for $69 billionIn related documents that will affect competition in the game market, Sony seems to indirectly reveal that it will launch its next game console in … Read more