The Ukrainian family fled to Slovakia before death. A man died in a crash

A Ukrainian couple fled the Russian invasion of Slovakia. But he did not find happiness there for a long time either. Pregnant 30-year-old Alona and her 11-year-old son from a previous relationship Lev lost their expectant father Oleksandr in a tragic traffic accident. Before death, a Ukrainian family was fleeing their country, which was invaded … Read more

The Russians claim they are at war against the West and NATO. Medvedev took the third world title

Relations between the West and Russia continue to fall below freezing. According to Moscow, the war in Ukraine has long been fought not only with Kyiv, but with the entire North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, in response to the strengthening of military aid to the Ukrainian army, … Read more

Invisible danger in the Baltic. Swimming in the sea almost cost Jaroslav his life

A holiday by the Baltic Sea could have cost 45-year-old Jaroslav from the Polish village of Jarocin his life. While swimming in the sea, he contracted the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio, which caused a serious infection in his leg. It eventually led to sepsis, and the man even spent two weeks in a coma. After almost … Read more

The West will never stop Russia, Lavrov said. He described how he wants to change the arrangement of power

The West has no chance to reverse the end of its domination, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. According to him, Russia’s participation in the formation of a multipolar world in which no single superpower will make decisions, just like the process itself, cannot be stopped. “The clock of multipolar history is ticking in the … Read more

My husband always takes care, said Babišová. Pavlova would like to live decently and with dignity

In the decisive and last pre-election televised debate on Nov, even the wives of candidates for Prague Castle were given space. Monika Babišová and Eva Pavlová agreed that Czechs should learn to talk to each other and stop arguing. Regardless of the result, both are already looking forward to Saturday’s vote count. And they explained … Read more

What will happen to Russia if it loses the war? A dark fate awaits him, analysts believe

Some experts agree that if Russia loses the war, it will disintegrate into smaller units. While foreign experts estimate that up to 20 new states could be created in this way, according to Czech expert on Russia Jan Šír, there could be up to 40. What will happen to Russia if it loses in Ukraine? … Read more

Accident on a hunting trip in Kansas, a dog shoots a young man

A coincidence that could not possibly be more unfortunate. A young man died over the weekend in Kansas, USA, after being shot by a rifle that was stepped on by a dog. Thirty-year-old Joseph Austin Smith went on a hunting trip with a friend into the wilderness near Geuda Springs. He was sitting in the … Read more

Earth’s core has stopped, say scientists. They say it’s not dangerous

Chinese scientists from Peking University published shocking research. According to their calculations, the Earth’s inner core has completely stopped and changed its direction of motion. However, scientists reassure that no catastrophic scenarios are imminent. The Earth’s inner core is said to have completely stopped. According to Chinese scientists, this was most likely to happen in … Read more

The West has a new plan to weaken Russia, a diplomat claims. Estonia will do that

Western countries plan to deploy state-of-the-art weapons in Estonia that can hit St. Petersburg. They want to drive Russia into a corner, its outgoing ambassador in Tallinn, Vladimir Lipayev, said on Tuesday. Both countries expelled each other’s ambassadors, Lithuania decided to take the same step, and Latvia is also cutting diplomatic relations with Moscow. The … Read more

Buried alive. The dog was pulled out of the ground by accident during excavation, but apparently he will not survive

While dredging dirt near Krakow, Poland, workers accidentally dug up a female dog. The animal was still alive after being pulled from the ground, but according to veterinarians, the chances of its survival are very slim. The Society for the Care of Animals is now trying to find out if someone buried the dog on … Read more