Microchip Ferrari: the choices of Vigna – Mondo Auto

Many new roles, many new responsibilities: the appointments of Benedetto Vigna, managing director of Ferrari, configure a renewed structure for the car manufacturer that wants to project itself into a future where tradition will no longer be enough. In Maranello the key roles have not changed, but others have been added, with a very careful … Read more

Ferrari, new product structure: three top managers away

Maranello gives itself a new organizational structure, greeting Nicola Boari, Michael Leiters and Vincenzo Regazzoni from 10 January 2022 to make room for internal resources in the new course wanted by CEO Benedetto Vigna Ferrari changes. In fact, from 10 January, the Maranello-based company has given itself a new organizational structure in the product sector, … Read more

Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro, in pure mime during Camilo’s show in Argentina

After confirming their romance, Flor Vigna Y Luciano Castro placeholder image they enjoyed Camilo’s last concert in Argentina, which was held at the Movistar Arena on Friday night. How could it be otherwise, the singer and the actor were very caramelized, and more than happy with the sentimental present they are currently experiencing. READ MORE: … Read more

“I like” and dinners: the good vibes gestures between Sabrina Rojas and Flor Vigna

Flor Vigna and Sabrina Rojas Although they have been separated since the beginning of the year and both have rebuilt their lives, after a decade of love and two children in common, Fausto and Esperanza, Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas will always be united both in reality and in the popular imagination, as the public … Read more

Facu Mazzei’s unfiltered definition of the romance of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro: “When they are together they are a fire”

close friend of Flor Vigna, Facu Mazzei gave details of the passionate romance that the actress and dancer is living with Luciano Castro placeholder image, two and a half months ago. “When they are together, they are a fire, they are a beautiful thing. They are in love”, assured the dancer in The Academy Preview, … Read more

Luciano Castro said that Sabrina Rojas gave her opinion about Flor Vigna when she found out about the romance

The romance of Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna is more than confirmed. Yesterday, the couple gave a series of interviews together and announced what everyone already knew, their courtship. For his part, the actor detailed how was the reaction of Sabrina rojas, upon learning of the link. With much lightness, Luciano Castro told what Sabrina … Read more

Flor Vigna and Facu Mazzei resigned from Showmatch La Academia: the reasons

Flor Vigna and Facundo Mazzei resigned from Showmatch La Academia (El Trece) and the official announcement was in the program hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. Last Friday, Mazzei, Vigna’s track partner, suffered an accident while performing a trick at La Academia and had to be taken by ambulance to San Isidor Hospital. The young man dislocated … Read more

Flor Vigna and Facu Mazzei moved with the adage that Pampita chose for them

Written in TV the 2021/9/11 · 11:58 hs The academy started a new gala with the rhythm in which each of the jurors chose songs for the different couples of the contest and Flor Vigna and I do Mazzei they thrilled the entire studio. Pampita returned after his absence the last programs, for the anniversary … Read more

Nicolás Occhiato: “We spent seven years together with Flor Vigna because we are very similar and at the same time, very different”

“Willy Wonka” turns 50: the original film, the success of Johnny Depp and the remake with Timothée Chalamet Starring Gene Wilder, in 1971 the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book was released, which over the years would become a classic. Decades later Tim Burton would achieve enormous success by taking up the story of the eccentric … Read more