Joint Viking in a nutshell | 01

Text Captain Saminna van den Bulk Photo Sergeant Jasper Verolme ‘Show what we can do’ While we in the Netherlands are eagerly awaiting spring, thousands of soldiers literally braved wind and weather in northern Norway in recent weeks. Maritime colleagues from different countries practiced operating in extreme conditions under arctic conditions. Joint Viking delivered spectacular … Read more

Migrants, the Ocean Viking arrives at the port of Marina di Carrara after four days of navigation: 95 landed, 38 are minors

Four days of sailing. Over fifteen hundred kilometers traveled after the rescue off the coast of Libya. There Ocean Viking, of the NGO Sos Mediterranée has arrived in Marina di Carrara, the safe harbor assigned by the Italian authorities. There were 95 migrants on board, including 15 women and 38 minors, all from sub-Saharan Africa. … Read more

Ferocious Viking warriors master the art of side-scrolling combat Birger’s Tale is coming to Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

In Birger’s Tale, you play as a fierce Viking warrior, defeating enemies, conquering new lands, and winning glory in battle. Master the art of side-scrolling combat, using a variety of weapons and special abilities to slash through hordes of enemies. Explore a beautifully rendered Viking world filled with mythical creatures, ancient ruins and epic boss … Read more

Extraordinary discovery of the oldest rune stone in the world!

In Norway, archaeologists have just found a runestone dating from 2,000 years ago. It is the oldest ever discovered, and the inscription it bears remains mysterious. When an ancient cemetery was excavated in Tyrifjorden northwest of Oslo in December 2021, researchers discovered a rune stone, which they managed to date very recently. Carbon dating made … Read more

Ocean Viking in Ravenna: the disembarkation of the 113 migrants concluded. No cases of Covid. Medical checks for 3 women and 1 man, for the violence suffered

The Prefecture of Ravenna communicates that “the disembarkation operations of the 113 migrants of the Ocean Viking, which arrived in Porto Corsini di Ravenna at 12.30 today, ended at 15.30.” In these moments the health screenings by the various teams present at the Cruise Terminal are being completed, where the ship is docked and where … Read more

NGO, the Ocean Viking lands in Ravenna with 113 migrants. The mayor of the Democratic Party asks the government for an explanation: “Wrong decision”

Shortly after 13.00 today, December 31, the agencies beat the arrival in the port of Ravenna from the Ocean Vikingthe ship flying the Norwegian flag of the French NGO SOS Mediterranean. 113 migrants who will go ashore, including 35 minors with three newborns, the youngest of whom has only a few days to live, and … Read more

The “soul” is gone! Ubisoft confirms that the Steam version of “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age” will have no achievement system | XFastest News

In the era of Xbox 360, Microsoft creatively added an achievement system to the console. When players pass a specific plot or complete a specific operation in the game, they can get the corresponding achievement as a reward. This mechanism was later learned by other platforms. Whether it is the “platinum” of the PS series … Read more