From Vickers Viking to Airbus A330: The Queen and her planes

In her life, Elizabeth II saw many changes – including in aviation. The Queen traveled in countless aircraft models during her 70 years as monarch. When Elizabeth II took over the crown from her late father on February 6, 1952, jet-powered passenger aircraft did not yet exist. Only three months later did Boac British Overseas … Read more

A parasitic worm studied thanks to… Viking excrement

To better fight against a parasitic worm that has been infecting humans for millions of years, scientists have taken excrement samples from ancient latrines dating back to the Viking era. We imagine scientists as scholars, practicing their profession in sanitized laboratories or near futuristic machines capable of accelerating particles to a speed close to that … Read more

Rare Discovery, Viking 3-Blade Arrowhead Buried in Ice Sheet

loading… Researchers found a rare 3-bladed arrowhead belonging to a Viking soldier in the Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway. Photo/Live Science/Secret of the Ice OSLO – Researchers found a rare 3-bladed arrowhead belonging to the nation Viking in the Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway. Arrow point This rare 3-blade was discovered when the ice sheet melted. Archaeologists estimate a … Read more

Index – Culture – Vikings with guitar, ax and machine gun

Long ships with dragon heads appeared on the horizon. Thick guitars are the sails, oars are drumbeaters, battle cries are dry snarls. They landed on the beach and then slapped an Amon Amarth record in our faces. The Viking metal, or more precisely, the melodic death metal band has already released dozens of albums. If … Read more

#ReneOut urges more and more massive, Viking Galuh Leader Affirms Disagree

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Existence insistence agar Robert Alberts leave, from Persib Bandung responded Viking Galuh. After losing Maung Bandungin the match of the second week Liga 1 Indonesia 2022-2023. hashtags #ReneOut increasingly massive, on social media echoed by booboh. Lots booboh annoyed, because Persib Bandung not brilliant in hand Robert Alberts. Especially in the home match, July 30, 2022 … Read more

Sparta lacks a leader in the midfield, Karabec must step up, says Straka

Sparta footballers started the new season in the worst possible way. They were eliminated in the opening preliminary round of the European Conference League, and in the first round of the Fortuna League, they were not enough at home to Liberec. According to Nova Sport expert František Straka, Sparta mainly lacks a leader in the … Read more

There were enough shames, but this one is the maximum. Sparta needs a player with a difference and a goalkeeper, Blažek’s outburst says

“There were enough of those shames in the past. It was eliminated in the qualification for the Champions League, it was eliminated in the Europa League, but to finish right after the first qualifying double-header in the Conference League and in addition with the fourth team of the Norwegian league, that is the ultimate shame,” … Read more

Sparta as a bunch of desperadoes? I miss Hložek, where are you, Bořek? Spartan fans strongly criticize the draw with the Viking

Source: Marcello Casal Jr/ABr, CC BY 3.0 BR Not every player who is credited with great talent at an early age makes it as far as predicted. More precisely, of the many names that are thrown at the football public year after year, almost none of them succeed to the extent that they have the … Read more

GLOSA: Sparta has a problem at the start. Favorable data means nothing without goals

Acting captain Dávid Hancko pointed out the Spartan paradox immediately. In previous seasons, the team managed to score enough goals to be able to think about the championship title. But uncertain defense and the number of conceded goals thwarted his plans every time. So Brian Priske started in the summer from the defensive end. He … Read more