Freedom of expression, Lars Vilks | Responds to the fact that Abid Raja has not commented on the deaths of Lars Vilks and Kurt Westergaard

Member of the Storting Erlend Wiborg (Frp) believes that the Minister of Culture should speak or condole after the deaths of artist Kurt Westergaard and artist Lars Vilks. The Progress Party has recently sent a written question to Abid Raja, asking about the reason why a condolence or a statement has not been made. – … Read more

The Vilks accident is widely investigated | ABC News

One investigation investigates whether any police officers may be suspected of having caused the accident. Many questions remain, states investigation leader Kajsa Sundgren. – It is too early to draw any conclusions about what caused the accident, she writes in a press release. The second investigative trail is to find out if the car accident … Read more

Lars Vilk’s death: – New steps in the investigation

On Wednesday, the Swedish prosecuting authorities state that they will investigate whether the police have done something criminal in connection with the death of the artist Lars Vilks and two police officers. Kajsa Sundgren, who is leading the investigation, writes in one press release that many investigative steps still remain. – Including various technical investigations … Read more

The Vilks accident: Witnesses then the entire course of events

This is stated by Swedish police, who have spoken to several who saw the accident. – There are some who have seen parts of the accident and some who say that they saw the entire course of events, says police spokesman Calle Persson. The controversial artist died in a traffic accident outside Markaryd in SmÃ¥land … Read more

The Vilks accident: Witnesses then the entire course of events

There were witnesses to the entire course of events in the accident where the artist Lars Vilks and two policemen lost their lives. Technical investigators at the scene where three people, among them the artist Lars Vilks, lost their lives in an accident on Sunday. Photo: Johan Nilsson / TT via AP / NTB Published: … Read more

The figure of Lars Vilks, the artist who drew cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, became a victim of death in an accident

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Lars Vilks, an artist is also a cartoonist origin Sweden died in a fatal accident. The 75-year-old man died on Sunday (10/3/2021) in an accident near the southern city of Markaryd, police said Sweden in a statement. The chronology stated, initially Vilks was traveling in a police car. It is known that this … Read more

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks died in car accident: he lived under guard after al-Qaeda threats

It was a collision between the car in which he was traveling with two officers of his escort and a truck that took the life of Lars Vilks, Swedish cartoonist who became world famous after 100 thousand dollar bounty put on his head by al-Qaeda it’s a failed attack against him for the publication, in … Read more