| Casa de la Música and the INAMU organize a virtual talk on Intellectual Rights

It will be this November 22, Music Day, at 7:30 p.m., through the Zoom platform. The activity is free but with prior registration on the INAMU page, https://inamu.musica.ar/. To commemorate the month of music, Casa de la Música and the INAMU organized a series of virtual talks for artists from San Luis. This time, it … Read more

a hard and meticulous work of 2 years that pays off

More than 425 thousand species were planted on provincial highways, public building spaces and neighborhoods. The tasks that allow to preserve them and provide an unmatched postcard are planting and ongoing maintenance. Touring the highways of the province is an invitation to appreciate the beauty of thousands of plants that are located on the sides. … Read more

“Dreams of Art allows us to discover the ability we have to learn regardless of age”

The member of the system of bands, choirs and dance groups is 53 years old and she is proud of the achievements she obtained through the training she receives on a daily basis. “I approached music because I am passionate about it and it is a ground wire,” says Venezia. Nancy Venezia is 53 years … Read more

| Soccer passion, music and childhood embodied in the urban art of Pinta San Luis

The program, belonging to the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure, intervenes in the historic Youth Club and in two gardens in the city. The Design and Art Program “Pinta San Luis” intervenes in public spaces to give it a new imprint. On this occasion, the local artists are renovating the walls of the Club … Read more

| Work continues to improve administrative buildings

Terrazas del Portezuelo is the point where some teams from the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure work on repairs, waterproofing of roofs, maintenance and fertilization of species and vertical gardens. Repair work is carried out in the Strategies Building. The spring season is with it the best moments to put in conditions some sectors … Read more

| Casa de la Música continues to provide virtual workshops

The initiative, which began more than four months ago, “Casa de la Música Virtual” continues this month with many more proposals for virtual workshops. There are more than 20 videos that are published. In order to continue offering workshops and keep in contact with people, the institution began to publish short videos on its social … Read more

| This Monday 453 cases of COVID-19 were registered in the province

They correspond to the following towns and cities: 187 from Villa Mercedes, 143 from San Luis, 50 from Concarán, 24 from La Toma, 8 from Justo Daract, 7 from Naschel, 5 from La Calera, 4 from El Volcán, 4 from Buena Esperanza , 4 from La Punta, 4 from Villa de Merlo, 3 from Juana … Read more

| This Saturday 276 cases of coronavirus were registered

The patients –177 from Villa Mercedes, 50 from San Luis, 11 from Concarán, 8 from Naschel, 5 from El Trapiche, 4 from La Punta, 4 from Tilisarao, 3 from Juana Koslay, 3 from Justo Daract, 2 from Villa de Merlo, 2 from Buena Esperanza, 1 from Villa de la Quebrada, 1 from San Jerónimo, 1 … Read more

this Friday 379 positive cases were registered

They correspond to the following towns and cities: 149 from San Luis, 106 from Villa Mercedes, 40 from Concarán, 21 from La Punta, 20 from Naschel, 7 from La Toma, 6 from Tilisarao, 6 from Santa Rosa, 4 from Villa de Merlo , 4 from Juana Koslay, 4 from Quines, 3 from La Calera, 2 … Read more

| This Thursday 327 positive cases for coronavirus were registered

The patients –280 from Villa Mercedes, 24 from San Luis, 11 from La Toma, 6 from Concarán, 4 from Juana Koslay, 1 from La Punta and 1 from Buena Esperanza – are isolated and under strict epidemiological control. The death of 3 people, residents of San Luis, Villa Mercedes and Concarán, with a positive diagnosis … Read more