Village Representative! Pat Napapha leverages every answer from Nun Sutthipha – FC Nikki, a lot of comments.

Pat Napapha would like to represent the village. Leverage every answer from the mouth of Nun Suthipha, the hottest muay thai. Have you ever flirt with each other? Called this minute, the name of Nun Sutthipha is the hottest in social media right now. After being involved in a breakup drama between Koi Aratporn and … Read more

“Evil Castle 4” RE Wenxuan advertisement is here again, “Leon in the Unbelievable Village” Episode 2: The agreement between the two | 4Gamers

The warm, nostalgic “Evil Castle 4 Remake” Capcom RE masterpiece theater, today (22) released the second episode “The Binding of the Two”, Leon and Ashley shook hands and promised to never separate, it turns out…..! ? Big abuse! It’s okay, let’s be together forever. At the beginning of the short film, Leon and Ashley clasped … Read more

The husband of the village head in Tulungagung admits to finding a baby, it turns out that his own child is the result of an affair

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The husband of the village head in Tulungagung, East Java, has been in the spotlight for a while. His name is Riyanto (45) who claims to have found a baby in a cardboard box. After being traced, it turned out that the baby was his own child, the result of an affair with … Read more

The Ukrainian Armed Forces revealed how many “Daggers” Moscow has, the Russian army captured a key for the complete siege of Avdeevka village

A Russian reserve general believes that Ukraine should be attacked region by region Kyiv, Ukraine21 March 2023, 07:55 43437 read 31 comments After the latest missile attack by Russian forces on the territory of Ukraine, the stockpile of hypersonic “Daggers” in the Russian Federation has decreased to 49 units. This was said by the commander … Read more

Scenario of the village head’s husband, admits that he found a box containing a baby, it turns out that he is suspected of being the product of his illicit relationship

TULUNGAGUNG, – The police finally arrested the suspected baby dumper in Pojok Village, Ngantru District, Tulungagung, East Java. He is RY (45), a man who is the husband of the village head. RY became the first person who claimed to have found the baby. “It’s true, in a short time the perpetrators of throwing … Read more

Tarawih and Nyepi Simultaneously, Village Traditional Council and MUI Establish Agreement

Jakarta, – This year’s Nyepi Day celebration may coincide with the first night of tarawih prayers for Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Kuta Traditional Village appealed to Muslim residents to carry out Tarawih prayers at home. Based on the results of the joint call agreement, it was decided that the implementation of the … Read more

Should Jokowi accede to the village head regarding the increase in village funds to Rp. 300 trillion?

ANALYSIS Feby Nadeak | CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023 07:30 WIB 1. Should Jokowi grant the village head the question of increasing village funds to IDR 300 trillion? 2. Has the Potential to Make the Village Head a ‘Little King’ in the Village Observers say Jokowi does not need to grant the village head’s … Read more

That village in ‘Resident Evil 4’ keeps haunting you in your nightmares | Games

VideogamesAlso in the very successful remake of horror game ‘Resident Evil 4’ you are served the most iconic event at the very beginning of the game: that Spanish village with the possessed inhabitants, who love to drill their rusty agricultural tools through your body when you jumps them in the red bloodshot eye. And then … Read more

Who am I? Children of Kabayan Village

Jakarta – Perry Warjiyo has been approved by Commission XI of the DPR to become Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) for two terms. Approval from the DPR’s Commission XI was obtained after Perry conducted a fit and proper test today. After his current term expires in May 2023, Perry Warjiyo will continue his position as … Read more

VIDEO: The Russian village marked the burial of the Wagner family. “You are Nazis,” the mercenaries riot

Fighters of Wagner’s group rebelled because of the ban on burying their fallen in the Russian city of Goryachy Ključ. The local administration apparently imposed the ban due to running out of space, the cemetery fills up very quickly due to the high mortality rate of soldiers. However, in the end – apparently under the … Read more