Dipiazza plays poker in the Municipality. Salvini and Meloni anti Viminale. “A shame those fire hydrants”

Poker by Roberto Dipiazza, who comes out victorious from the polls and reconfirms himself as mayor of Trieste after beating the center-left candidate Francesco Russo in the second round. For the first citizen it is in fact the fourth term, after having already administered the city three times, from 2001 to 2011 and from 2016 … Read more

a “hand” to the Interior Ministry behind the leak? – Free Daily

Republic e Corriere della Sera were the first to come out with the news of the ihikesta su Luca Mauritius. But who leaked the details of the affair? Certainly not the carabinieri and not even the judiciary, he reasons the newspaper. At the League suggest – even if they do not explicitly say so – … Read more

In the EU, only Italy, Cyprus and Malta do not provide for off-site voting. The Good Lobby: “Electronic or postal, there are alternatives. No del Viminale”

“For years an Italian living in Caracas can vote by mail. Instead a resident a Palermo domiciled in Torino for reasons of study or work he must return, investing time and money, otherwise he cannot vote ”. The paradox highlighted by Federico Anghelé, director of the non-profit organization The Good Lobby, re-proposes the question of … Read more