Dwayne Johnson refuses to appear in “Fast and Furious 10” with Vin Diesel

The two men do not get along very well … suddenly Fast and Furious 10 with the two actors, it will be in our dreams! In November, Vin Diesel made what looked like a peace offer on Instagram when he invited Dwayne Johnson to revisit the Fast & Furious franchise. But we now know that … Read more

New “Maybach” with broken VIN put up for sale in the USA – Motor

The lot description does not indicate why the VIN was damaged on the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. The SUV was probably stolen, the intruders changed the identification number, and then were found. It is assumed that representatives of the insurance company decided to sell the car through Copart. The price of exactly the same “Maybach” in the … Read more

A new “Maybach” with a broken VIN was put up for auction in the USA

In the USA, a Maybach with a mileage of 624 kilometers was put up for auction. The car has only one significant drawback – it has a damaged VIN number. It is not known whether this was done on purpose or by accident. But now, when re-registering a car, law enforcement agencies may have questions. … Read more

Dwayne Johnson accuses Vin Diesel of “manipulation” and declines his invitation to return to ‘Fast & Furious’

Published: 31 dic 2021 15:09 GMT ‘The Rock’ criticized Diesel for making a public invitation on social networks after the two had reached an agreement in private. The American actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as ‘The Rock’, has publicly rejected the request of the star of the series ‘Fast & Furious’ Vin Diesel to rejoin … Read more

The Rock talks about Vin Diesel’s “manipulative” attempt to get him back to “Fast”

El actor The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, has accused Vin Diesel of being manipulative in his attempt to return the WWE icon to the “Fast & Furious” franchise. Recall that Diesel recently asked The Rock to return to take his role as Luke Hobbs. However, Dwayne has rejected Vin’s plea and stated that he is not … Read more

Dwayne Johnson Claims Vin Diesel Manipulated Him To Return To ‘Fast and the Furious’ | celebrities

CelebritiesIn early November, Vin Diesel (54) made an emotional appeal to Dwayne Johnson (49) on Instagram. He wanted to settle their feud and asked The Rock to return as Luke Hobbs in the latest ‘Fast & Furious’ movie. However, the latter did not take up his offer. Johnson himself, meanwhile, claims that Diesel even manipulated … Read more

You’re a manipulator and I’ll never go back to Fast and Furious. The Rock sends another message to Vin Diesel

The saga between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel comes to life again, but is it coming to an end? It looks like that. The Rock sent a clear message to his acting colleague and he definitely confirms – he will no longer appear in the brand Fast and Furious. The thrown glove surprised … Read more

Dwayne Johnson spoke about Vin Diesel’s request for his return to the Fast and Furious saga

Filming of Fast and Furious 8 (2017) was quite complicated because there were many frictions between Dwayne Johnson Y Vin Diesel. Mainly because they were two great stars who did not want the other to cast a shadow on them and also have a very different way of working. So Hobbs’ character left the main … Read more

Velvet – Kockahas – Vin Diesel has started a hard workout to say goodbye to his dad, so he looks now

Vin Diesel has begun preparations to shoot the next installment of the Deadly Pace series. Hollywood actor he tries to get in shape to play Dominic Toretto one last time. The 54-year-old movie star has shown its fans what it looks like now on its Instagram page. These shots are also interesting because a few … Read more

Vin Diesel buried the tomahawk with the Rock, urging him to return to “Fast and Furious”

Actor Vin Diesel has asked Dwayne Johnson to return to the latest tape of the Fast and the Furious franchise, work on which he expects to begin soon, with a call posted on his Instagram page. If he agrees, Skala will be able to participate in the tenth film in the high-speed series, which should … Read more